I glanced to both sides of the street, looking for any vehicles that might want to smoosh me, none.

I ran over to the apartment building and hunkered down, my eyes never stopping on one place. Once I was sure that I was secure, I ran up the stairs and into the first doorway I saw.

Once inside, I glanced around for my next clue. The game was simple, do what the note said, and do it before anyone else. No swapping notes was allowed, but almost anything else was apart from murder. We weren't allowed to get 'caught' and put in jail, unless we had some friend willing to bail us out. It was dangerous, and a bit reckless perhaps. But I loved it.

After reading the note, which told me to get to the ice-cream parlor and order a root beer float, I headed back down, again checking to be sure no one was there.

I ran my hand over my face when I realized that two more people were headed my way, they were on to me. I shook my head, letting the red streaks mix with the natural brown, and moaned in frustration, This was the closest anyone came to me.

Since I was the quickest and wittiest of the bunch, I was usually done before they started. This was a first.

I quickly dodged the trash can to my right, and took off running down the alley leading to 'Mr. Monsters Crazy Cream' shoppe, to purchase myself a float, and see the next clue.

On my way however, I hit my head on this oddly placed bar. I was used to hitting myself, being a couple inches over six foot it was hard not to, but this bar was just so random!

After catching myself on a ledge, and hustled over to the entrance of the shoppe, and was about to go in when I was stopped.

“Hello Aidan, my name is Mr. Binks. You've just been selected to test out our new product. Your parents have signed some consent forms so all you have to do is come with me,” a very large, muscular man said to me. I couldn't pace his accent, it was like none I had heard, of, but I didn't think it was American.

“Um... I'm not sure if I should do that...” I started, realizing that he was lying when he mentioned my parents, they just so happened to not be alive anymore. Thanks for the bad memories.

Before I could protest an longer, He stabbed me, just like that!!! I never even saw the needle, I only felt the sharp sting in my chest, right above me heart.

I blinked, astounded for a moment, but then everything went black. I felt so cliché.

The End

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