“Hi Austin!”

“Um…hi,” I responded, some girl had just randomly stepped in front of me and greeted me. I didn’t who in the world she was, but she had done it anyways.

“I’m Jessica!”

“Ok then, hi Jessica.” I replied awkwardly. Girls didn’t usually just step in front of you and introduce themselves did they?

She blinked her eyes prettily and I noticed her glance back at a group of girls who were tittering by the lockers. I realized what was happening.

“Ok, just do whatever you were dared to do and be done with it Jessica.” Her pretty brown eyes widened as she realized I had figured out the reason for the sudden greeting. Her face fell as she realized I looked bored with her.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stuttered out an apology.

I immediately felt sorry for her and gave her a smile, “It’s ok and no problem…so…did you just have to introduce yourself to me? Or did you have to do something else?” I asked.

She turned red looked away, “I...I thing you are really cute,” she informed me. The pieces fell together. She must have been playing truth or dare. She had really mean friends if that was the case.

I grinned. “Well, thank you, you’re not so bad yourself you know.”

She turned even redder and hurried off. I watched as she started to talk excitedly to her friends and grinned. That was a first. I wasn’t particularly popular…but I guess this was a big school so not everyone was going to aspire for the head jock and him alone.

My best friend Zach caught up to me and started to walk along with me. “Hey, what did you say to the poor girl to make her turn so red?” he asked curiously.

I laughed. “She was on a dare to tell me that I was cute apparently.”

Zach burst out laughing and I gave him the evil eye. He didn’t stop so I gave him a slight shove. “Oh, get a life Zach.” I told him embarrassedly.

He started to quiet down and I saw that he had been laughing so hard tears had formed in his eyes. ‘I’m sorry man, but that’s pretty hilarious, you have to admit…”

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I pulled up at my locker and threw my bag inside before closing it again. “No I’m not going to admit, you’re just jealous—“

“Hello Zach, my name is Mr. Binks, I’m your new councilor, and will you please follow me?” I turned around to find a strange looking man with slicked back hair staring at me.

“Wha—“ I began.

“No questions till later please, just follow me.”

I gave him a strange look, but moved to follow him cautiously. I had heard those pedophiles before and I wasn’t too keen to be caught by one if this “Mr. Binks was indeed one.

“Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” I demanded. Mr. Binks turned around and I felt a pain in my chest. I looked down and saw a needle sticking out of it. “Crap,” I said woozily as blackness engulfed my vision. 

The End

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