“Bye Mom!” I called out happily from the school bus door.

“Bye sweetheart!” mom called as I moved onto the bus. I went through the bus and found an empty seat near one of my best friends. I watched mom’s figure slowly retreat as the bus went on it’s rounds.

It was 5:00 o’clock in the morning and the bus was pretty much silent. No body, it seemed was a morning person. I was still half asleep myself; as a matter of fact, the only reason I was at all aware of the world at this point was because I was so excited about Switzerland. I had never been to Switzerland before…though skiing was something I had done. Many times in fact, I really love skiing.

My vision blurred as my mind unfocused. I realized what was happening and shook my head to clear it. “Hey Ellori, I heard that there is going to be a british school coming to the same ski resort at the same time as us!” My best friend, Emily, said excitedly next to me.

Ok I take that back about no one on the bus being morning people…Emily is an exception.

I smiled sleepily at her and she grinned back, “Just imagine all those cute guys we might meet! Ooh I’m so excited!”

“I’m to tired for this right now Emily,” I groaned and leaned my head against her shoulder.

Emily laughed and gave me a quick hug. “I’ve got just the thing!” she rummaged in her carry-on and pulled out a red bull.

I grimaced, it was nasty stuff…though it really does wake you up. I eyed it suspiciously and Emily laughed some more, “Come one Ellori! I want someone to keep me company on the two plane rides!”

I grinned, “Oh all right Emily, I’ll do it…for you.” I took the can from her hands and opened it up with a small pop. I took my first mouthfull and pulled a face. It tasted like carbonated cherry cough syrup. Bleh. However, I dutifully drank the whole thing, and by the time I had finished I was pretty awake…from the taste if nothing else.

Emily started babbling on again about all the british boys and how cool would it be if one of them liked her?

I nodded when nodding was called for, but entertained my own thoughts. British guys huh? Why did people always seem to think foreign guys were cooler? The grass is always greener on the other side? Well, I guess I would end up getting to know them anyways…Emily would undoubtedly take me to go flirt with them at some point. Besides, I was both a cheerleader and the volleyball team captain…it would be expected of me.

The bus took us to LAX where we all piled out and began to go through a nightmare of security. I appreciate that they were so careful…but it kinda got crazy with all 236 people in my class going through. When we had finally passed securtiry, a portion of us were hurried onto the plane and ushered into our seats. Emily was put in the seat behind me and complained loudly that she wanted to sit next to me. Apperently loud enough that the teachers promised her she would sit next to me on the next plane.

A blonde boy came up and excitedly sat next to me. Another one of those star-struck guys who thought I was all that…I was really just another girl, they just didn’t seem to get that.

“Hi,” he told me as he sat down, “I’m Branden.”

I gave him a smile and he beamed. “Ellori.”

For the first hour of the flight he kept trying to make conversation with me, I tried my best to interact with him…but he was obviously obsessed and I wasn’t very thrilled with that idea. He was cute and all…but he just wasn’t the right guy. He gave up after about the first hour when breakfast arrived.

Despite the Red Bull I had had earlier, I still managed to fall asleep shortly after breakfast. I woke up as we landed and was hustled off one plane and onto another. This time Emily was next to me, which I was very glad of…ten hours was a very long time to be stuck wit hsome boy who was obsessed. Besides, if I knew Emily, she would have something or other stashed in her carry on to pass the time. I settled happily into my plane seat and watched the plane take off from the small window beside me.

A man came up beside us, "Hello Ellori, My name is Mr. Binks, I'm going to be your chaperone for this trip. I need to speak to you for a bit so please get up and follow me."

I knitted my eyebrows together confusedly for a bit, but then got up and followed him. What could he want with me?

The End

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