Coffee, coffee, coffee! Was my very first thought when I took my first step into the Starbucks. I shuffled over to the counter, my hair falling in my face as I went. and ordered myself  an extra large coffee and a chocolate chip cookie to go with it. Once my order was ready, I scanned the room for an empty table. The place was packed, but eventually I sat down at a vacated table in the corner of the shop. I hung my trench coat on the chair opposite of me, allowing it to soak in the heat of the room. My purse was keeping it company.  I could see people hurrying along the street, back to their warm, toasty homes. Horns were honking and lights were flashing around. That’s New York for you. I loved it. 

I pulled out my homework and began with my math. I didn’t have a lot. Biology, Geography, History, French, Math, Literature,  and of course, some reading to catch up on. Nothing I couldn’t handle. Half way through my History homework, I had to get up and go get re-fills. 

I left my stuff spread out all over the table and got up.  I had to wait in line for the other customers to place their orders, but eventually I made it to the front of the queue. 

"One large coffee please." I told the lady behind the counter.  I gave her my empty cup, and she scattered off to go fill it up again.  The smells drifting away from the coffee makers were overwhelming. I looked around the store, but stopped as my eyes rested on a stylish looking girl, of about the age 16. She had medium length, wavy, blond/brown hair that was puffing up due to the humidity. Her eyes were a rich chocolate brown and her skin was flawless. It was me in the mirror. 

Once the lady returned with my coffee, I handed her the cash and turned around. I saw a man with dark, gelled hair sitting at my table. How rude! Couldn’t he see the books spread out all over the place, or the coat on the chair? I walked over to the man, wanting to give him a piece of my mind, but instead said politely,

“Erm, excuse me. Sorry, but I was just..er.. sitting here, but I went to go and get re-fills. But now you are…well, kind of in my seat. So I was just wondering if you could..um.. perhaps move to another table.” I gestured my hands to another spot on the far, opposite side of the room, away from me and my table. But the man just sat there, looking at the menu, completely ignoring me and my request. Now he’d done it. Before I could spit out any offensive words at him, he tilted his head up so that we were looking right at each other.

“Hello Emma. My name is Mr. Binks.”


The End

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