I picked up my bags and headed towards the car,

“Hurry up Seph we’re going to be late,” called my mum, I rolled my eyes at her and threw my stuff in the car. She revved the engine as I opened the door and climbed in, it was 5AM in the morning and I was heading to school, to catch a bus to Gatwick airport where I’d travel to Switzerland by plane. Mum sped down the empty motorway and within no time we were at school, the bus was already there, Mum got out and smiled at me.

“I’m going to miss you,” she smiled,

“Mum it’s a school trip for two weeks. Two weeks!” I laughed, “I’m not leaving forever!” I told her, she smiled at me and opened the boot,

“Now hurry up,” I hauled my suitcase out and headed to the bus. She followed behind me; I threw my case into the area under the bus and turned to Mum,

“Love you Mum,” I smiled and bent down, I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug,

“Have a great time honey,” she said and pushed me away towards the bus. I ascended the steps and walked down between the seats to the back of the bus,

“Love you mum… Mmmm kiss me,”

“Shut up Tom!” I said, “It’s early, you don’t want to get on my bad side,” I swung into a seat near the back of the bus; I pulled out my ipod and put in one ear. Life without music would not exist in my opinion.

“Seph?” called a friend, I looked up,

“Mmmm?” I asked,

“Want one?” Pete asked me, I nodded and he threw me a pack of sweets,

“Cheers mate,” I smiled. I allowed the chattered to fold around me; I really wasn’t a morning person. I closed my eyes and soon I had drifted off. A few hours later I woke up,

“We were going to draw on your face Seph, but we thought we’d save that for the plane,” laughed Jake; I smiled not really listening and picked up my bag. We got off the bus and picked up our cases and headed into the airport, it was now 8AM and so I was a little more awake. We put our luggage on the conveyer belt and walked through customs, soon enough we were on a plane to Switzerland.

It was a school skiing trip, something I’d never done before but had been told many a time it was worth doing, so Mum and Dad bought me ski stuff and next think I knew I was signed up for a two week trip during the Easter holidays. I sat down next to a girl called Sophie, she was a bookworm, but I found people easy to talk to. She smiled up at me as I came up,

“Seat number 23-B?” I checked, she nodded,

“Looks like you’re stuck with me,” she grimaced,

“Great!” I sad sarcastically whilst rolling my eyes, I smiled, “I can think of a load of worse people,” she smiled,

“Don’t worry you don’t have to talk to me, I’ve got a book,”

“What if I want to talk to you?” I asked, she shrugged,

“Then I’ll guess my book won’t get read,” she smiled. She had fair skins and brown hair; he eyes were big and encapsulating. I took my seat and shoved my hand luggage under my seat. When we were finally in the air I began to have a real conversation with her,

“So what are you reading?” I asked, she blushed,

“It’s kind of stupid,”

“I like stupid,” I told her,

“It’s about Switzerland actually, a mountain there which brings out magical powers,”

“A mountain, magic powers?”

“Yeah, don’t worry it’s all made up,” she said,

“I kind of guessed,” I laughed, she bore her eyes upon me,

“Seph?” she asked,


“Does everyone think I’m weird? I’m only asking you because you’re popular because you’re nice to everyone and you could hate me, but if you do you hide it really well and well I am kinda weird and I think people talk about me behind my back…” she babbled quickly,

“No, no one thinks you’re weird,” I told her, “You shouldn’t be worried about what people think about you, you should never be what people want you to be, don’t conform to the ways of the world. Stand out!” she smiled,

“Thanks Seph.” She picked up her book, “And in that case, I really want to finish the chapter before we get there.” I nodded and glanced over the other side of the plane where the rest of the school group were, we seemed to be the two people who got the half price seats. I didn’t mind, it meant I could catch up on Zs.


We finally arrived in Switzerland; I got off the plane and followed the school group to a new bus. There were two side by side, I went to the closer bus and threw my stuff in. I waited for a few moments and then climbed on, I went to the back of the bus and plugged in my earphones, a few minutes later the bus began to move. I watched the bus leave the other bus behind and thought it weird that it wasn’t following in close transit; I looked down the bus to see a load of people who I didn’t recognise. My eyes widened, I was on the wrong bus. I stood up and turned to the nearest person,

“I’m on the wrong bus!” I exclaimed, they looked up me and turned to their friends, speaking in a funny language. “Let me off!” I called, the bus driver glanced in the mirror, he yelled at me in his language. I walked down the aisle and signalled for him to stop,

“I’m on the wrong bus! Take me back?” I asked, he shook his head and called down the bus, no one answered, he shook his head again. He opened the bus door and I stepped off, and grabbed my bag from under the bus. The door closed and the bus drove off without me. I stood in the middle of nowhere with my suitcase and sighed; I got my coat out the bag and shrugged it on. A 4x4 pulled up and a door opened,

“The school sent me I’ll take you back now, I’m Binks your ski instructor,” he smiled and signalled for me to get in. I climbed in and put the suitcase in the back. He started the car but instead of turning back we headed towards a huge mountain in the distance.

The End

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