I glanced at the clock, hoping for it to soon turn four. Thirty more minutes of endurance left. Thirty more minutes till it was time to go to Paris.

My whole form was taking a trip to the capital of France, Paris. Everyone was pyshced, and I couldn't believe it when mum and dad signed the permission slip. I was going!!!

I squirmed in my seat, glancing again at the clock. Ugh, still 25 minuted to go!!

I raised my hand and asked the teacher for a hall pass. She wrote one up and handed it to me as I exited the room, glancing at Annie, my best friend since thrid grade. My only real friend that I felt I had. 

With my parents being sick most of the time, I struggled with life at school and home. I was on the cheer-leading squad, but I never felt like I was fully 'in'. Annie stuck by me, and always encouraged me and listened to me rant when I needed it. She was a constant support to me, and had actually taken me to the youth group, that I am now fully participating in, for the first time. She was great.

After headeing towards the lavatory, I entered and looked about. No one there that I could see. I decided that it wass okay to take a wuikc peek in the mirror, and then head back to class. 

I fixed my hair, my clips had fallen slightly, and slpashed a little water on my face and hands to refresh myself. the sensation felt so good, a did it again. Before I got carried away, I scurried over to the blower, and held my hands under and waited until the were too hot to keep under any longer.

After completing my time, I headed back to the class room, ready to complete the rest of the ten minutes torture I had to endure of Physics. I was deep in thought, wondering what kind place we would be staying at once we got to Paris, when a mysterious and deep voice interrupted my thinking.

"Hello Skye. My name is Mr. Binks." he said.

I turned slowly, unsire of what to expect, I had no idea who this guy was!!! However, before I could open my mouth, he plunged a syringe into me, right above my heart. 

My throat constricting, wanting to scream but not being able to. My body was shutting down.

My heart skipped a beat, almost stopping like my mind had done. My skin went cold. My eyes rolled. I was out.

The End

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