A simpler title

four teens assemble, to write the tale of six gifted teenagers from different situations, yet united by a common goal.

In a land, very much like our own, so much like our own, that it is called Earth, in fact, it is earth, six teenagers are brought from their homes to a secluded area in a mystical part of Switzerland. 

They battle through a mountain and discover amazing abililites that they had no idea they possessed. With this, they must then face the most difficult task they've ever been presented with.

Seph: speed-17-messy blonde/brown hair, green eyes, light tan, tall (6"3 maybe), sporty, casual dresser, people person, humourous, athletic, clever, footy player

Aidan: fire-17, black hair with red streaks, eyes colour changes, light tan, tall (6'4), casual, funny, extreme, considerate, atheltic, conceited, likes acting 

Emma: water manipulation-16, chocolate brown eyes, blonde/brown hair medium length and wavey, fair skin, shortish, fashinable, intro/extravert, coffe addict, pridefull, smart, likes to cook

Elorri: morphing-16, hazel eyes, brown hair with layers, slight flip/curl, fair skin, 5'2, nice casual, introvert, brave, reader, funny, goes with the flow, athletic

Skye: Weather/Wind control; 16; hazel eyes (leaning more towards brown), brown wavy hair, light tan; 5'4, fashionable and popular; out going, considerate, prideful, courageous, natural (likes being her, and not other people); is a cheerleader at school

To Be determined


The End

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