A Simple Word Game

A fun way to find new verbs for nouns you normally wouldn't think of using.

(I like this exercise. It's one of the ways I amuse myself.)

Make 2 separate lists –

one with 10 nouns and

one with 15 verbs that are related to one profession - ie:  actions by a cook, or dentist, or shoemaker etc.

Then match any noun with any of the verbs and write a sentence.   You can change the tense of the verb if you want. Example:

Nouns                          Verbs

lilacs                     sauté         fry

horse                    chop         marinate

mustache            mince       whip

cat                        slice          stir

fiddle                   cut            scoop

muscles               broil

dinosaur             bake

seed                     heat

plug                     boil

video                   taste


The mustache slices the man's face into two distinct parts.

The cat whips around his tiny prey.

The horse chops the ground into mud balls with his hooves.

His muscles marinated his shirt with perspiration. (Really?)

His mustache minced his words into a muffle. (I LOL at that one. See what I mean about amusing myself?)


Use the lists above for starters, then make up your own. Hopefully, you’ll share Some of your results!! :D


The End

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