Too Good To Be True


I sat in my dressing room, twirling my fingers through my thick black hair, listening to Scarlett moan on and on about how Locki got the DeMitrio job when it should have been hers!

When she stopped to finally draw breath I took advantage of the silence and said "Well then, get this Roger wants me to go topless!" this seemed to stop Scarlett in her tracks. "You're joking, no way, I reckon he has a thing for you." I laughed at this

"Nahh, hes my manager and like you always say, private and professional always stay seperate, besides he is only interested in one thing. Money."

"Are you free later for a coffee and a catch up in Costa, I'm done for the day?" I asked, I hadnt seen Scarlett in what felt like ages and I felt like I needed a serious catch up with her.

"Yeah, I have a photo shoot with.." she paused, the name distastful in her mouth "Christian" a shudder went down my spine - what a perve he was. "..In half an hour, but after that I think I need a coffee so shall I meet you in Costa, say half 2?"

"Sure, have fun" i said jokingly before hanging up and placing the phone back into my handbag. I leaned back in my chair and swivelled around, Roger had been hovering in the doorway for the past 5 minutes, I could see him in my mirror.

I opened my mouth to argue but Roger put his hand up to stop my protests, "Its okay, i'm not here to try and persuade you to go topless, I have some exciting news.

I opened my eyes wide, "Really, what?"

"Do you remember that job you sent your portfolio to ages ago, the Mkenzi Job?"

I could feel my heart start to beat hard against my chest, "Yes.." I urgered Roger to continue. "Well Thom Mkenzi has your portfolio and loves it and you have the job..." "YES" I could have jumped up and kissed Roger at that moment but Roger brought me back down to earth with his next word.

"But!" I froze and stared at Roger, my excitement draining slightly, buts were never a good sign in modelling. "but what?" by eyes bore into him, as if daring him to shoot me down in flames and shatter my dream of working with Thom Mkenzi.

"But, the only bad bit is that this job will be in direct competition with the DeMitrio Job, so its going to be a mega challenge to keep this job afloat"

I sighed "Phew, Well i knew that but if i beat Locki then that will show her!" a smug smile crept onto my face.  I got the Mkenzi Job!

Half 2 seemed to whizz round after that incredable news and when I caught sight of Scarlett sat at a table outside Costa, I almost ran to her.

"Scarlett I have some incred..." I stopped in mid sentance as i caught sight of who was sat at the corner table outside Costa. "What the hell is she doing here?" I thrust my finger to point over at Locki, who was sat at the corner table with a girl, I didn't recognize.

"I dont know" Scarlett replied through gritted teeth, she obviously wasn't to happy with the situation either.

"Come on" I said grabbing her arm and half dragging her away "We will go elsewhere, I have some brilliant news to tell you!"

The End

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