Cameras And Cuts

"Okay!" the camera man claps his hands for attention. "Miss--Mrs.--erm, Ms. DeMitrio--"

"You look lovely, Locki," the designer sniffs in my direction. "Just turn a bit more to the left, would you?"

I'm straddling a white lawn chair in faded purple cutoff sweats and a matching bikini-cut sports bra. The makeup artist has spend the past two hours on my rosy skin and windswept hair, so I flash a perfect smile towards Ms. DeMitrio and try to show them off. "Perfect!" She nods approvingly, and Jeff, who I've asked to attend the shoot, winks at me.

I wish Rose could have been there, but she'd had a shoot of her own to attend that day. Instead, watching me from a corner of the room, is a tall, beautiful model with long sandy hair. She winks at me too, and I smile back, even though I've never seen her before in my life.

When the camera man finally calls, "Break!" Ms. Demitrio pulls me towards the girl. "Locki, dear, there's someone I'd like you to meet." The girl smiles charmingly and sets her coffee cup down on the table to shake my hand. "Locki, this is Jessica, one of our top models in the DeMitrio department. Jess, meet Locki. She's doing our shoot today."

"Hey," Jessica takes my hand warmly, and I immediately like her. "You look great."

I laugh. "Thanks! So you're really the number one around here?"

Jess shrugs modestly. "I used to be a cosmetic model for S-Clearly, but somehow Francine got ahold of my portfolio and asked me to model her new line of skinny jeans. One thing led to another, and now I work for her full time."

"Wow!" The idea of working for Francine DeMitrio full time--I'd first expect to become president.

The camera man calls, "Back to the set, people!" And Jess laughs. "Schedules. Hey, are you busy after this? We could go get a coffee or something. I'd love to get to know you."

I grin. "I'd like that."

The End

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