Sophia Burnett

"You are not really right for this collection, but we'll keep you in mind for the future."

So, pretty much, "Thanks, but no thanks".

"Thank you very much," I nodded with a grateful smile, turning to undress from the designer gown upon me so I could leave.

"We shall stay in touch," nodded Miss Knox. Although I was quite deflated by being turned down, I couldn't help apprieciating her effort to be kind.

I thanked her again and made my way to the dressing room, making sure not to get entangled in the gown's complex train.  I re-changed into my street clothes, and bid Miss. Knox a final good-bye before I left and returned to the street. I caught the nearest taxi, bidding the driver to haul me to my favorite little restaurant.

I paid the greasy driver and was soon flopped carelessly in a booth in the corner, just glad for a moment to openly mull in my depression at the day's worthless endeavor. What would Mary say when I returned to the agency?

A waiter I was quite familiar with, James, came over, setting up my table and getting ready to take my order. "Hard day?" he asked.

I flicked him a slight smile, "Sorta."

"What would you like to drink?"

"Just water, thanks."

He nodded and disappeared around the corner. I sighed, laying my head back. The place was almost empty, and it was pretty quiet other than the hum of music from the speakers overhead and the murmur of a few people chatting.

Suddenly my phone blaired in my purse, making me jump in my seat. I glanced to the screen, and, seeing that it was my mom calling, answered. "Hey Mom."

"Hey, Soph. How was your day? You sound a little sleepy."

Moms could discern anything in two words. "Yeah, a little. I had a long day."

"Mary sent you on lots of go-sees?" 


"Did you get any jobs?"

"Not today." I said glumly.

My mom paused, only to continue, "Maybe you should come home, honey....finish college as we intended...maybe do a little modeling on the side."

I pouted, playing with my napkin. "Your not being too supportive, Mom," I muttered.

"I'm being real, Sophia," Mom sighed. "I'm not saying you're not a good model. I think you're a great model, and I think these people are blind for not seeing it."

"I'm not right for their collections," I murmured to myself.

There was another sigh across the phone. "But do you understand my point?"

"Um," I nodded to myself, James bringing over my water before he disappeared again. I hoped he would return soon to get my order--I was hungry. "I should go, I am about to eat dinner."

"Okay, sweetie. I love you."

"I love you too, Mom,"  I answered, running my hand through my hair."Bye."



The End

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