Chantelle Campbell

Cameras flashed at me as I repositioned myself on the chair, I had tried something new and more daring  and I was loving every second of it .

"Thats the way Chantelle. Good."  I repositioned again trying to look as sexy as possible for the camera by pouting and ruffling my hair slightly.

"Okay. And thats a rap"  My manager Roger said before hurrying over to me with my dressing gown. "You did fantastic today Chantelle, the pictures we have got are superb! I was actually thinking of getting you to do something even more daring and I really think it would make you stand out from the crowd if you did."

"What might that be" I asked interested "We thought maybe we could get you to do some topless shoots" Roger said his eyes fixed on me, waiting for an answer.

"No way Roger, Not a chance in hell am I going topless! I already told you that, now if you don't mind." I left the room and headed towards my dressing room. I had not gone more than a dozen paces when Roger caught me up, "If you just think about it Chantelle, I think you could make something of this and its a very big chance and your just going to refuse it?" I turned to face him annoyed, "I said no!, I'm not going to become one of those girls who exposes themselves just so men can pleasure themselves by wanking at my topless pictures;  its so demeaning." I looked at him sternly before turning on my heel and walking away. I think he got the message because he didn't follow me any further.

I changed out of the clothes that I had been modelling in and put on my own. From my casual clothes you wouldn't guess that I was a model, I was feeling lazy today so that morning I had pulled on some joggy bottoms and a top, it wasnt the prettiest outfit but I had just thrown it on out of sheer lazyness.

My phone rang from inside my bag and I searched around in my bag to answer it.

"Hello?" I said waiting for the voice on the other end of the line to answer. The annoyed voice of Scarlett replied, "You'll never guess. Locki, got the DeMitrio job!"

The End

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