'I don't care how much they want me to, I'm not going to do it!'  I was in a bad mood from the moment I'd woken up that morning, which didn't bode well for the rest of the day.

'Come on Scarlett, you're not going to get much work if you keep turning people down.  You might be pretty but you can't afford to be this awkward.'  Tristan, my ever suffering agent, was trying to keep up with me as I walked down the street away from his office block.

'But I refuse to work for someone when they have Christian Jones working the camera.'

'Why not?  He's one of the best in the business, everyone uses him!'

'I don't like the way he looks at me.  Like I'm a piece of meat.  He should look at me like an artist does but I know all he's thinking about is what's under my clothes.'

'You're thinking about this far too much Scarlett.  And you can't afford to turn work down, not now that you've lost the DeMitrio job.'

'They didn't want me?'  I exclaimed, stopping in the middle of the street and turning on Tristan, green eyes blazing with fury.  'Didn't you send them my portfolio?'

'Of course I did, but they decided they wanted a different look for their new collection.'

'Who did they choose?'  I asked, seeing resistance in Tristan's face.  'Who. Did.  They.  Choose.'

'They picked Locki.'

'How dare they!'  I shouted, filling with fury and turning around so fast my long red curls almost hit Tristan in the face.  'What has that skinny nobody got that I haven't?'

'They said she was more fun and relaxed.'

'I can do that.'  I wasn't impressed by Tristan's silence.  'So you think I'm no fun too, thanks Tristan, you're a big help.'

'It's not that.  She's more flirty, you do a more smouldering sexy.  You're completely different models, there are always going to be jobs Locki will be able to do that you won't and the other way round.'

'I cannot let her win,' I muttered to myself.  'If that DeMitrio job goes well everyone is going to be talking about her.  I have to make a statement that will blow her out of the water.'  My evil plan smile crept across my bright red lips, striking fear into Tristan's heart.

'What is going on in your head Scarlett?  I don't want you to do anything rash.'

'I'm not going to do anything,' I said, smiling sweetly.  'Not at the moment at least.  Tell them I'll do the photo shoot.'

'What?'  Tristan said, not following my train of thought quickly enough.  'Oh right!  But you said you wouldn't do a lingerie shoot, especially not with Christian-'

'I know what I said,' I retorted, annoyed.  'But sometimes you have to do something outrageous to get noticed.'

The End

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