Prince looks like a PrincessMature

Over the two and a half miles I had been walking with Prince Amria, all I knew was that he was born with the wrong reproductive organs. He was polite and softly spoken, and his small frame was shrouded, and made to look even smaller, by the heavy mass of chestnut brown hair which fell to his knees. 

'Ah!' Amria yelped from behind me, I turned around to see him sprawled on the floor awkwardly; his bandy legs flailed out behind him.

'Are you okay?' I questioned, eyebrow quirked upwards. Though, by the struggling look on his sweaty face - he was not. 

He scrambled backwards pathetically, trying to get himself into an upright position, 'I think so..' 

Amrian tried to stand up, his tiny body shaking as it strained to stand up straight. I shook my head, chuckling at him.

'I'm sorry,' I said guiltily, squinting my eyes from the sun and I squatted down in front of him, 'I was unkind for making you walk this far despite your weak body condition."

I could have hit myself. How had I forgotten about the fact he'd been asleep for nearly twenty years? I'm such a fool sometimes, and now a wave of guilt washed over me. Nearly three miles Amria had walked! He must have been suffering, but he would speak a single word of his pain. I had to give this kid more credit. Providing he was a kid - he certainly looked very young.

'It's okay.' He insisted, 'I'll be fine!' He made another feeble attempt to stand up straight again before stumbling to the side.

I caught him by his frail shoulders before he could collapse onto the floor, 'no.' I told him. 'You are not fine.'

He looked up at me with his large hazel eyes, eyebrows raised high as he waited for me to carry on. I pursed my lips.

'I'll carry you,' I laughed, 'please accept it as my apology.'

Amria shifted uncomfortably, biting his lip, 'allright.' 

I hoisted him up onto my back, 'here.' 

I started to walk with ease, his feather-like body didn't even feel like it was on my back at all. About ten minutes into my power stride, I noticed that Amria's bony grip on my jugular had gotten tighter and tighter. So much so I couldn't breath.

'Um, Prince Amria,' I wheezed, 'you're strangling me.' 

'Oh! I'm sorry!' He squeaked, loosening his grip; moving his hands to me shoulders.

'It's fine.' I laughed freely. Jumping, I lifted him up higher - resting his thighs on top of my hips. 

'You are really light!' I commented, 'I'm just wondering how just magic could keep you alive when you're wasting away like this. I bet you haven't have a single sip of liquid and you still seem fine!' I paused thoughtfully, 'you wan some water?'

'No. I'm fine for now.' He said with a smile in his voice.

'Make sure to tell me when you need something to drink, though.' I warned him anxiously. 

'I will.' He assured me in a light, happy voice.

Seriously. He's got to be a women. 

The End

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