A Rude AwakeningMature

In a world, much different from our own, lived a prince. That prince was known over the whole kingdom for his beauty which could match that of any women, and kindness which could match that of any Saint. 

But, one day, an evil curse was cast upon the land wreaking havoc throughout the kingdom. 

Furthermore, the only way to keep this evil force at bay was to send the kingdom's treasured prince into a deep sleep. In this slumber, the prince would fight against the incandescent fury for an eternity, or until the evil had finally been defeated. In which case, he would be woken from his sleep to become king.

This way, the balance of the land was kept and the kingdom's people had been given their peaceful life once again. No evil was to enter that land ever again.

Until one day, a brave knight was sent out on a quest which could disrupt the kingdom's peace forever...

The End

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