A Rose By Any Other NameMature

A story that will twist into something completely different.

The light of a full moon shines upon a lonely gravestone.  Nothing could be seen around it except fields of grass.  A sad existence, one would say.  To have died and buried within a plain so empty that nothing would ever disturb it.  As if life wasn't bad enough.  At least, the moon light still graces this granite slab with its presence.  

Wait!  What is this?  A pair of lights coming towards the little hill that the grave stood upon.  Could it be?  Someone that wanted to visit the lost soul that resided underneath.  The lights belonged to a car that simply drove by without recognition of the lone grave.   Another lonely night.

That is, if a person wasn't already walking up the hill.

Yes, a living human being was coming towards the grave stone.  It would be a dream come true for anyone that has been alone for years.  If only the dead had dreams.  If only the dead could dream.  Then this would be a worth while visitation.

The light illuminated the newcomer, a young girl of about 17 years of age.  Her hair flowed long past her shoulders.  Hazel eyes shone under a pair of dark-rimmed glasses.  She wore a pale green dress with white fringe.  In her hands was a bouquet of roses.  The girl walked over to the gravestone and sat on her knees in front of it.  She placed the roses on the ground and said a little prayer.  

Whomever was buried here must have been a lucky guy to have someone pray for them, even after death.

Suddenly, the earth began to shake.  The ground moved from underneath the girl.  She jumped to her feet just in time, as the ground split apart to reveal a hand pushing against the forces of nature to come to the surface.  The girl was frozen with fear.  Forced to watch in horror as the hand ripped the earth aside to bring its owner with it.  

It wasn't too long before the creature rose from the grave entirely.  The girl couldn't think of anything to do.  The thing in front of her was no longer human.  An undead beast from the great beyond.  It raised its arm to the sky, and opened its mouth, as if to speak.

"Will you stop with constant drawl, and get to the actual story!"  spoke the creature.  "Stop calling me 'the creature' too, you know who I am."  This is true.  He is me.  The man held out his hand to the girl.  "I'm completely sorry, miss, but my narrative self tends to go on and on with the opening, and doesn't know when to get to the real story,"  he said apologetically.  "I am Hirru Ruikuni, and this is just the beginning."

The girl did not take his hand.  Instead, she cowered  away from him.  Nobody could come back from the dead, and be completely fine.  At least, that's what she thought.

"Excuse me, but this isn't a horror,"  Hirru said.  "It's a comedy."  He snapped his fingers and the girl disappeared in a puff of smoke.  He stepped back into the earth from where he came from and laughed.  "This gravestone speaks the truth."  He spun around and fell back into slumber.  The moon light now shone over the words that were engraved on the grave.  It read, "And Now For Something Completely Different."

Hirru rose slightly with a finger to his face, as if to say something to a point.

"Now would be the time to close the book."

The End

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