Never Lose Hope.Mature

Lost of all hope.
Not completed,
Hanging by a thread-bare rope.

You'll make it,
I promise,
Just keep fighting for now.
Because when the sun rises
On a new day,
Some hope can still be found.

Keep the faith,
My mother once said,
And remember this one thing:
Whenever you feel down,
Or almost dead,
There'll be an end to all your suffering.

Feeling like you just can't stay,
Keep in mind that there's always
Someone who loves you,
Just like they did yesterday.

Take a breath,
Let it out,
Remember to stay strong.
You'll make it, darling,
There's no doubt,
Just as long as you hold on.

♥ I love you all so much. You're never alone, I promise.
Stay strong.

The End

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