Work-ish QuotesMature

A few quotes from some of my works.

"I can only hope that this continuous snowfall calms the chaos
and covers the pretenses with a blanket of white."      
-O T H E R ;                             

                "I realized it, then— this was where I belonged. And I was just fine with that."
                                        -Night Hawks

     "When both of you are worn out from playing, you'll lay down together, next to the
                                 tree, and make shapes out of the puffy white clouds in the sky."
                                                                               -Didn't You Just Love MiniSagas?

                       "I'm sorry that I drifted. It was not meant to be that way. I was just so
        caught up in my own emotions and sorrows that I had to let go of you for some time.
                                                        I'm back now, though. And I'm sorry."
                                                                      -Open Letters

                             "Again, Tsuki heard the poem's words in her head like lyrics to a song..."

"Waiting until all the others were unconscious, Aaliyah went over to her cubs and silently                        lay down next to them, and she, too, fell into a deep sleep."

                                                              "People call me a scavenger, but I sleep in the alleys
                                            by my own will. No one understands. And they never will."
                                                                                           -Meaningful Measures


(Note: Not all of these stories are mine. Many of them are excerpts
of my pages in various collaborations and Addventures.
All credit for the collabs themselves goes to their rightful owners.)

The End

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