A Poem for What Comes to MindMature

There are poems about cats,

                                               and music,

                                                                and rings;

There are poems that describe feelings,

                                                                                and places,

                                                                and things.

There are poems for times of day,

                                                         or night,

                                                                      or twilight;

There are poems for those who have courage,

                                                                      or honesty,

                                                         or might.

Some say that it doesn't take much creativity to create a poem, but truthfully. . .

Poems aren't just pieces of garbage that we pull out of our mind's trash bin.

They are not just some words that we wrote to sound intelligent.

In truth, poems are beautiful creations that come from deep within one's heart,

                                                                       and mind,

                                                          and soul.

Poems are made from fractures of ourselves that we put together & form into words.

There's no such thing as a 'bad poem' so long as it comes from you & what you believe in.

Poems are not made from logic.

They are made from your imagination.

As long as you keep that in mind, you'll be able to write,

                                                          or think,

                                                                       or create. . .

And form a poem with whatever comes to mind!

The End

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