The Year's First BlessingMature

As it has come again, I find myself refraining last year's prologue.
Throughout '13, we've lost many, many souls; some we knew, some we didn't.
And although it comes swift and quick, we need not to be so negative about 2014.
Well, not just yet. Don't give up on it now, as you never know what could happen.
The truth is that you needn't be worried about what lies ahead.
We're not in the future. We are in now and nothing else. Just live for now.
This is the New Year. We are the world as we see it, stumbling, running through time.
Do not stop stumbling and running just because you're scared of what may be.
Don't try to turn around and make your way back in the years because of fear.
Let me tell you personally that it doesn't work. You can't escape your own life.
So let's not let our minds lead us through the tunnel; let's use our hearts instead.
Be bold. Never restrain yourself from doing or saying something that you need to.
Do what you feel is right, not what society tells you is correct.
A wise man once said that our only true fear is fear itself. Consider that in 2014.
Try not to get caught up in what goes on around you; never forget who you are.
The time's come again for new beginnings and continuations, new joys and old sorrows.
And through all the excitement and anxiety for these things, I calmly say―

I can't wait to make more memories with the people I love.
Happy New Year & Welcome To 2014~!!

The End

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