Memories of Quotes of MemoriesMature

     "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart."
                     -Haruki Murakami

              "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it.
                                    Memories need to be shared."
                                                                        -Lois Lowry

                                        "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment
                                            that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
                                                              -Karl Lagerfeld

                      "He was still too young to know that the heart's memory eliminates the 
   bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the
                                burden of the past."
                                               -Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

                                "It scares me how hard it is to remember life before you. I can't even
                                                   make the comparisons anymore, because my memories
                                            of that time have all the depth of a photograph."
                                                                                    -David Levithan

       "Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."
                                 -L.M. Montgomery

(Yes, below is ONE quote. Please read the whole thing, though. It explains me entirely.)

                  "I've recently been the victim of growing up, which apparently happens to all of us at one point or another. It's been going on for quite some time now, without me knowing it. I've found that growing up can mean a lot of things. For me, it doesn't mean I should become somebody completely new and stop loving the things I used to love. It means I've just added more things to my list. Like for example, I'm still beyond obsessed with the winter season and I still start putting up strings of lights in September. I still love sparkles and grocery shopping and really old cats that are only nice to you half the time. I still love writing in my journal and wearing dresses all the time and staring at chandeliers. But some new things I've fallen in love with ― mismatched everything. Mismatched chairs, mismatched colors, mismatched personalities. I love spraying perfumes I used to wear when I was in high school. It brings me back to the days of trying to get a close parking spot at school, trying to get noticed by soccer players, and trying to figure out how to avoid doing or saying anything uncool, and wishing every minute of every day that one day maybe I'd get a chance to win a Grammy. Or something crazy and out of reach like that. I love old buildings with the paint chipping off the walls and my dad's stories about college. I love the freedom of living alone, but I also love things that make me feel seven again. Back then naivety was the norm and skepticism was a foreign language, and I just think every once in a while you need fries and a chocolate milkshake and your mom. I love picking up a cookbook and closing my eyes and opening it to a random page, then attempting to make that recipe. I've loved my fans from the very first day, but they've said things and done things recently that make me feel like they're my friends ― more now than ever before. I'll never go a day without thinking about our memories together."
                             -Taylor Swift

          (♥ Thank you all for journeying on thus far with me. I dearly appreciate it. ♥)

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