"¡Ħậŧεяṡ мαкє ύς ƒдмσυṡ!"Mature

You say you're not a hater,
That you just don't like the song.
You don't agree with it's lyrics,
Or you just don't enjoy it's meaning.
Some of you say it has no meaning!
Sometimes you bully,
And sometimes you cuss,
But there's something you don't realize
About the songs that you speak of.
You see, you have a silly notion in your head
That all music is the same,
That you outnumber it,
And that you overrule it.
Well honey, let me tell you something.
You don't overrule it,
And you definitely don't outnumber it.
Because, you see, for every one hater,
There are a million fans to match it.
And we don't take kindly to those who diss
Our Music.
Besides, there are tons of artists
Who've lived and survived
On just haters alone.
So next time one of you think
That you can take us on,
Just remember this one saying:


The End

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