Self QuotesMature

Quotes that I have conjured from myself over the years.

  "Shall thee wither as thy dying rose?"

      "In the long run, it doesn't matter how short life is-- you just have to make sure you've lived it to the fullest."

                          "Take my advice; never give up & never give in. Just go out there &
        give it your all."

                 "If you spend all your time dwelling on the kinks in life, then you won't be able
                                                        to enjoy all the good stuff."

                                  "What doesn't kill you should make you better, not bitter."

            "Take what you've learned so far, plus what you've taught, then multiply that
                 by what you haven't learned or taught. The answer? Life."

                                      "Things could get better, things could get worse. You have to have
                                                                                                                      hope, regardless."

The End

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