A Path Though Never.

If time travel could be avoided I would be grateful.
I would very much like it if you joined in with an obscure charcter.
I think it would be a lot of fun.

I like to pretend that I'm a Ninja. I'm not I might add, I'm not anything so gracious, but I still like to pretend. The idea of fighting without limits just seems so seductive to me, to the point that, in my mind at least, I get to pretend to be a Ninja.

As it is, I can fight. And I do. As often as I can. But it often gets me into trouble.  And as much as I like fighting I don't like trouble following me around where ever I go.

So this is why I'm here, standing at the edge of the Ocean of Impossibilities. Watching the ship I'm going hijack. The same ship that will carry me across this god foresaken Ocean. Straight into the Land of Never and all that lies beyond.

My heart is racing in my chest. I has been a long time since I felt this excited about anything - even fighting. I am watching my future prepare herself. And I am waiting. Waiting for the right moment to pounce. I have to wait, as much as I dont want to, I have to. I can't sail a ship like that across an ocean by myself.

I pull my hair back, and make sure the only knives I've allowed myself to carry from now on are all hidden yet easily accessible. There will be people in the town by the docks who will be willing to sail with me. God knows there are enough criminals down there. The thing is, are there any I want to work with?

The End

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