Erica: anger management, much.

"I'M ON, SHROOOOOOOOOOMS! LA LA LA..." I rolled over onto my front and blindly shoved an arm out from under the covers, my fingers searching for my mobile. I swear, I am going to kill my brother when we get home. Slowly and painfully, with relation to his msn contacts list. If I could remember any girls he'd mentioned... Okay, maybe I'm not that mean. I slowly opened my eye to look at the time projecting from the phone onto my face and whined. 6.15! Suddenly the murderous sibling rage came flooding back, as it would to any other eighteen year old girl who'd just been woken up by The Lonely Island at 6 fricking 15! Yeah, you heard me Thomas: I am going to mess up your chances with any teenage girl, you, you, ARSE!

I sat up less than elegantly in bed following my silent death threat, and saw Melanie lying with her head on her pillow, frowning lazily at me. Oops. "Sorry Mels," I murmured, trying to compensate for my alarm. "Tom set it."

"It's...okay." Mels sat up herself and attempted a smile. "I hadn't been able to sleep much anyway." She slid out of bed and padded into the bathroom. I turned to the large mirror on the wall and grimaced at my bed head. How Mels managed to keep her hair so… under control, I'd never know. As in she only needed to brush it the once, not “cats clawed my head whilst I slept”. There was a knock at the door and I hopped out of bed, reaching for the first thing to tame the monstrosity clinging to my head.

"Erm, excuse me boys but you can't enter a ladies' boudoir at this hour."

"Erica, why are you wearing a shower cap over your head?" Ethan tilted his head inquisitively at me as he and GS came barging into our room. Honestly, is everything I say just a big "blah blah blah" to them? Wait: don't answer that. I turned to the mirror to see the showercap was not helping at all. As in, my hair looked worse. How is that even physically possible?? I tore the cap off, muttering "Stupid hotel free stuff" to myself, and started piling my clothes onto my bed as Melanie came from the bathroom, ready and looking a bit brighter but still tired. "Mels, did you get much sleep last night?" I asked, making sure I made it sound airy and not "you look half dead".

"Hmm? Oh, erm, not as much as I'd like..." She looked over to Ethan and they exchanged glances. Ethan saw me looking confused and said by way of explanation: "Sparx snores." I nodded as GS scowled.

"I so do not snore!" I laughed. Poor Ethan- just thinking about anyone losing any sleep because of GS was hilarious. Though I didn't see why Mels hadn't been able to get any winks- I mean, okay, I used to talk in my sleep but I've been told that's very infrequent nowadays and it's hardly anything to keep somebody up all night...

"Right," GS clapped his hands together as soon as I'd come from the bathroom (today's outfit was a breton tee with some navy shorts. Ooh la la, even if I did say so myself). "Who's ready for a french lesson?"

Mels went and kneeled next to where GS was sitting cross legged on the carpet. If I could raise one eyebrow I would've. "We're not at school, Gay." A cushion narrowly missed my face and I acted all shocked. "I cannot believe you would try to hit a girl!" I grabbed the cushion and made a run at GS, pelting him in the arm. "Mels, help me!" Surely this was an offer she could not refuse.

"What?" Melanie looked up, as if she'd been oblivious to this scene playing out before her. She was getting really airy lately...I stopped for a second and GS rugby-tackled me to the floor. I squealed. "Get off, can't you tell these are new?" I swear, if he crinkled my shorts I would....grrrrrr. I was in a fairly cruel mood that morning, I noted- GS and Tom, in the space of...twenty minutes. I needed anger management.

"I will get off," I started wiggling about and GS knocked me back onto the carpet. I hate when boys are "playful", it's like, get out of my personal space. "If you sit down and learn some french with us."


Half an hour later, here we are. I am stuck in a hotel room with three people who are currently conjugating verbs.


The End

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