Ethan- Thoughts from 2:56 am (CET)

The definition of snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures (usually the uvula and soft palate) caused by obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping, and the noised produced by said vibrations.  There are various different causes of this including fat building up in and around the back of the throat, throat weakness, relaxants such as drugs and alcohol  and sleeping on one's back. While in some cases the sound can be quite soft, it can be loud and rather unpleasant.

You don't say.

I rolled over on the floor and buried my head beneath my pillow in the hope of blocking out the horrible noise of my room-mate's vibrating air passages. It sounded somewhere between the snorting of a pig and the sound of a dying lawn mower and at 2:56 Central European Time, it was not a welcome noise. The wooden floorboards were hard and cold beneath my head, and besides, the fabric over my face gave me a morbid paranoia of asphyxiation. Groaning- but quietly, it was the middle of the night- I gave up and got out of my sleeping bag.

What to do now? I didn't want to wake Sparx- regardless of how much he was disturbing my sleep with his snoring, a tired and grumpy Sparx is even worse to share a room with- so that ruled out reading or doing anything that might involve turning the light on. I didn't want to wander the streets of Paris by myself; something tells me my year 9 French wouldn't be up to scratch if I encountered some unsavoury characters and besides, that would involve changing out of my striped flannel pyjamas. Which would be difficult in the dark, since the room wasn't that big, and I didn't know where I'd put my shoes.

After checking my watch again- was it really only thirty-four seconds?- I quietly padded over to the door, wondering if the girls would have any more ideas. The door creaked softly as I entered the hallway, and Sparx's sleeping face was illuminated by a rectangle of light, but I was relieved to see that he slept on and quickly closed it behind me.

I knocked at the door, hoping that someone would be awake.  There was no answer. Why didn't I bring a book with me? Then I could have sat and read in the corridor for a few hours. Frustrated with myself, I knocked again.

"Whu- who is it?" groaned Melanie from inside. "Who is it?"

"It's Ethan. Just wondering if you're awake, that kind of thing."

"Do you know what the time is?!"

I looked at my watch again "It's approximately thirteen seconds past 2:58 Central European time."

Melanie opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. Her hair wasn't as tidy as usual, as if she'd been tossing and turning like I'd been, trying to ignore a noisy room-mate, and her face looked different, softer, in the half-light. "You weren't supposed to answer that. What I meant was, it's too early in the morning for social calls." Here she sighed. " Still, it wasn't like I was getting to sleep anyway."

"Erica snores too?"

Melanie looked confused. "Erica snores? Oh, right. No, I just have things on my mind."

I refrained from making some comment along the lines of "it's called your skull", Sparx tells me that that's somewhat irritating. "What kind of things?"

"Just stuff." she sighed again, yawned. "Ethan, you're a guy. What does it mean when a guy says you look nice, but that he hasn’t been checking you out? Your thoughts?”

“I have absolutely no idea,” I said after a short pause where I tried to remember what I had meant if I had ever said anything like that before. Which I hadn’t. “Who said that to you?”

She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes- another of those girl things, I supposed. “Erm, nobody. Nobody. It was just a theoretical question. Has Sparx said anything to you?”

“He asked me whether I wanted first dibs at the shower. And then to turn the light off since he was already in bed and was too lazy to move.”

“So, in short, no.” She yawned again. “Anyway, I think I ought to be getting back to bed- I need my beauty sleep. ‘Night Ethan.”

“What about…?” but she’d already closed the door.


The End

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