Erica: Being nice to Ethan

Growl, I'd just managed to get the jam out for now but it was still sticky..I looked at myself in the mirror and groaned dramatically. We'd only been here, what, a matter of days- hours, even- and I already couldn't stand GS. So I guess it was a good idea Mels had decided to take care of him for the day, leaving me with...

"Erica! You've been in the bathroom for thirteen minutes and forty-nine, fifty, fifty-one-" Okay, Erica, be nice. Ethan is really nice and you are going to look past the timing and get along just fine and it cannot be worse than the jam in hair incident (shudder). I stepped out from the bathroom and couldn't help paling slightly as I saw him standing with his backpack over both arms, looking brow furrowed down at his watch. I think I would speak for all of girl- and fashion- and foreignboyensnaring-kind, when I say BURN ETHAN'S SHORTS, BURN THEM BURN THEM, OH PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PIERRE SET THESE MONSTROSITIES ALIGHT.

...And now I will start being nice.

"Sorry about that, E-Dawg," I grinned, grabbing my bag and shoving my jacket on. "Allons-y, as they say in la belle Paris!" Alternatively, if you are my David Tennant-obssessed little sister, "as they say in Doctor Who". Her words, not mine. I don't go round quoting Dalek speeches or whatever.

About 01.56 minutes after leaving the hotel I started fanning myself with my city map. "Ethan how long till the Louvre? It's so blaady hot!"

Ethan looked sideways at me. "If it is so warm why are you wearing a leather jacket?" I looked at Ethan and shook my head sorrowfully. Boys. They do not understand the concept of an ensemble. Today's, by the way, being Paris city rock chic, don't you know. "It's for luring boys."

Ethan made a face and I felt immediately bad for putting "luring" and "boys" into a sentence and using it in front of him. "Oh, don't worry. Au gallery!"

"Well actually that isn't accurate, you'd say-"

"Let's go Ethan!"


About an hour or two later I had to say, being nice to Ethan wasn't hard at all! We'd schmoozed round the Louvre, admiring the pictures, and Ethan had taken photos whilst I'd done a quick sketch (a dodgy one at that, too, but I think sitting in an art gallery sketching has a certain je ne sais quoi to it. Hopefully a good je ne sais quoi at that). Then we'd had some glaces and were on our way to whatever Ethan had down next in the schedule. Just then, my eye caught a French student, who looked back at me rather pointedly. Oooh bonjourrr. I casually dropped my map and he grabbed hold of it before standing to face me. Le phwoaaaar. Suddenly I felt quite warm, and I don't think it was the leather jacket (which had blatently added to my mystery that had attracted this hunky lad. This is where planning an outfit pays off. Ha). "Merci beaucoup!" I giggled, flashing my winning smile. He laughed. Ah, so this is where GCSE French comes in handy!

"You are new here, then?" He said in a Frenchy way. Yknow, like when foreign people talk English and it's like phwoaarrrrrr? Yeh, that. And he'd guessed from my map! How clever!

"Yeh, we're just looking around." Monsieur Le Sexy looked at Ethan, and a moment of horror dawned on me. My eyes widened for a second. "By we, of course, I mean me and my, erm, Ethan, he's my, erm, frere." MLS smiled understandingly, and I heard Ethan start to mutter "We aren't siblings-" before I gently elbowed him. I swear, I'm going to stop being a cow to him just as soon as I have MLS' number.

"So, this is the way to the Eiffel Tower, if you want me to give you a tour. It's a, howyousay, very romantic spot." He wants to take me to the Eiffel Tower! He wants a romantic rendezvous with me! He actually said "howyousay"! I looked excitedly at Ethan and saw him look confused. "Ethan, what's up?" I didn't mean to elbow him very hard.

"Nothing, it's just, we're meant to go to the Eiffel Tower in another half an's less crowded and I wanted to see..."He trailed off.

"So, what do you say?" MLS looked at me expectantly. Aww, I hate these scenarios where you have to say no to the sexy guy. "I'm really sorry, but we've got plans at the moment, maybe another time?"

"Okay, I see. Bienvenue a Paris." I watched him go with a rather melancholy feeling. Goodbye MLS. But on the other hand, I was being nice to Ethan!...Well, apart from totally disregarding him for a minute-oh.

"I'm sorry about that Ethan," I muttered. "It's just, I can't help myself."

"I know, it's very hard for tarts to control themselves." My mouth dropped open. "Joke! Joke...well, we're even now."

"..Fair enough. I'd rather it came from you than from GS." At this moment my phone started to ring. I'd set the ringtone to a Parisienney sounding tune in the airport, which I was starting to regret judging by the weird looks I was getting. Of all the times for my phone to be at the bottom of my bag... I looked at the little picture of Mels smiling like a nutter that came with my Caller ID and muttered, "Speak of le devil, here's the dynamic duo now. Hel-I mean, Bonjourrrr?"

The End

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