“Alright then, let’s go get me some food! Who’s with me?”

Funny how I seemed the only one keen to get out of the hotel and find a decent sandwich bar – maybe that had something to do with them eating the WHOLE lot that I’d ordered for Ethan...!

Still, Mels seemed happy enough with the idea of looking around this city - okay, happy enough was an understatement. It was her choice out of all the cities in Europe; Erica voted for a place in Italy her aunt took her last summer, Ethan asking for “somewhere not too hot guys” and getting shouted down, and my vote was with whatever was easiest, keeping the peace like someone has to, you know?

It kind of goes without saying that Erica was ready to hit the town, or prête à frapper la ville as they say (or is that too literal?).

“Can we go on the, eh, scenic route? My theory is it’s no coincidence that Paris has several museums, gardens and tourist hotspots, and that the men here, unless my movies mislead me, are both smart, savvy and sexy...”

“Dude, it’s no coincidence either that “Sparxy” and “Sexy” are so similar...catch my drift?”

“We always catch your drift GS,” Erica replied drily as she yawned, stretching catlike on the floor and masterfully avoiding dunking her wrist in the remainder of the jam pot on the tray, “and I really hope you don’t call yourself Sparxy, if you ask me that sounds more camp than Gaylord...!”

I don’t care if she’s a girl, she got a shove for that – and now her hand really IS in the jam. Oh, and her hair too. Bonus points.

“Heh...” Melanie pulled a face as she jumped up from sitting cross legged next to a now-grumpy Erica – I swear those two are like psychically connected, you know, “my hair is your hair, I feel your pain”, sort of thing. Dating a girl with a twin like that would be awesome; it’d be like two at once... Woah, that’s really not the way to think about two girls you’ve shared most of your teens with - you’ve learnt that before, the hard way. Let’s not go there.

Oh no wait, I know what it might be; Mels calls me Sparxy. I’d forgotten that. Yeah, that’d explain the way her nose is scrunching up, in that embarrassed sort of way that girls can pull off as ridiculously cute and boys just look like they’re pressed up against an invisible window. Erica’s right; it does sound stupid, but that’s fine when Melanie uses it.

“Sorry Erica!” I called as she flounced off to the bathroom, “but only cool people can call me Sparxy – as if Mels blushed at that! - along with (here comes the epic voice) The Dark Lord Sparximilian...!” Now that had everyone laughing, except Ethan for some reason – okay that meant just the girls then.

“Ethan, are you coming with us?”

“To get food or to see Paris? You haven’t appeared to have made a plan yet, and we’ve been in this hotel for 37 minutes now...” By this time he’d already tidied our (well, their) breakfast things onto the tray, taken it out into the hall and restarted packing his things away. The guy’s a machine!

“Okay okay, well how about we take a walk out of here, turn left turn right and see where it takes us? Or we can split up and report back at someplace huge that even Erica couldn’t miss!”


“That sounds like a plan,” Melanie totally spoke over Erica’s shout from the bathroom as she headed for the door, “I’ll go get our bags and – Erica leave it, you can’t see any jam at all, honest!”

“But it’s sticky...! Urgh! You are so gonna pay for this Sparx!”

There suddenly wasn’t any particular reason for me to be lolling around alone on the floor in dangerously close proximity to the bathroom, so I leapt up with slightly less grace than the others (okay, I used the bed to pull myself up) and followed Melanie quickly out the door.

“If we’re going in pairs, shotgun not going with Little Miss You Will Pay! Save me Mels...?”

"Only if we go shopping first.." I could literally hear her grin through her back as she walked down the corridor.

"After getting my food!"
"We eat at the first place we come to, THEN shopping..."
She turned round as she opened the door to their room,
"And you're buying me something."

I cannot believe I just agreed to that.


The End

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