Melanie: Continental Flavour

"Hey, we have breakfast!" Sparx called across the hall. "If you want some we're open to negotiating the rooms."
I turned to Erica. "Hungry?"
" You bet."
We rolled out of our beds-in the plural-and skittered across to the boys' room.
"Woah, woah. Invasion of privacy remember? You can come in and eat our continental if you promise to hand over the room with the two beds." Sparx grinned through his doorway.
"Don't push it Gaylord." Erica shoved past him. Oh, that must burn Sparx.
"Sorry Sparky, you just got told." I slipped past him into the room. "Oh, and one more thing. Where's the food?"
"Ah, yeah, we ordered it but it hasn't come yet." Sparx ran his fingers through his hair casually.
"He spent the meantime perving on anything with a skirt that passed the window," added Ethan with a sidelong half smile.
"Man! Is it harpoon Sparx day or something? I'm gonna use the bathroom." He strutted off in a huff.
"He's so easy to wind up. High five Ethan!" Erica flashed her most satisfied grin to celebrate her success at annoying Sparx. There was a knock on the door and a man and a woman entered with one of those wheelie tables. Bon apetit!

Real french croissants are so much better than the ones you get in supermarkets at home. Fluffy and crispy at the same time. Even Ethan didn't object to letting his croissant and jam touch. Yeah we teased him about that a little. He didn't mind so much this time, I mean jam on your croissant is just normal isn't it? He wolfed it down in any case. It was actually pretty good to have something other than airport/airplane/haribo type food. There were basically all the types of croissant or french pastry  you could think of. We had apricot, pear, peach, regular and sweet, sweet chocolate. That was pretty amazing. Amazing enough for Erica not to realise she had chocolate on her lips ten minutes later. Ethan took a picture. Said it'd make good blackmail leverage. The smell of warm pastries, jam and orange juice still hung in the air when Sparx came out of the bathroom.

"I had a shower. That way you guys can't have a go at me for stinking too." He looked at the breakfast tray. "Uh, was that our continental breakfast?" The pile of crumbs still smelt oh so delicious. We all grinned at him and gave a simultaneous, simpering "Sorry."
"You ate without me? And I missed the hot maid too! Thanks guys, thanks."
"She wasn't that hot," I pointed out a little too quickly. "If you're still hungry we could go out into the city for the day? I need retail therapy and we can get lunch in a cafe while we're out?"
"Yes, and meet french guys."
"And visit monuments."
"And find some french girls."
I laughed. Well, any reason to go see the city.
"Mels was right though GS, the maid wasn't that hot," Erica gave Sparx a consoling look. "The manservant though... Mmm, he had le flavour continentale!"
God, Erica you're as hopeless as your French.

The End

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