Melanie: Bonjour, La France!

Oh my God we're here! We're actually in Paris, in a Parisian taxi, with a Parisian driver, on a Parisian road and everything's amazing! I'm not sure if this is actually the way from the airport to where we're staying, nor am I sure exactly where that is in relation to the airport anyway, but somehow we've managed to drive past the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomph, and we've still not got there yet.

"Oh wow guys look at that!" I gestured wildly out of the window at anything and everything. It was all so different and new and I was buzzing like bees in a shaken coke can. I glanced over my shoulder disappointed to find Sparx in various states of asleep to comatose next to me. Honestly, he already slept on the plane and that wasn't even a long haul flight. How could he be sleeping again? Not that I minded him leaning against me a little. Though I was glad he'd washed up and got some deo on him earlier. He really had started to emit an ungodly pong in the cramped recycled air of the plane. He smelt fairly nice now though. The taxi went round a bend and he slumped further towards me. Erica caught my eye and smirked.

"Don't even start," I warned her, blushing. "You just keep eyeing up every dark eyed stranger who passes that window."
"I'm just keeping options open, I'll go back to my so-called eyeing up and leave you with your sleepy friend there." She turned back to her window and even her back looked smug. I thought about sputtering out a retort but dropped it before I dug myself a hole. Jeez, stupid Sparx. It's his fault for falling asleep on me. As if on cue we went around another bend and he fell into my lap. I almost squawked in surprise. Erica gave me that gloating look again.
"Don't. Even. Start." I tried not to imagine how red my face must be. Ethan checked his watch as we weaved through the tarmac patchwork of Paris.

* * *

"Vingt-cinq euros." Ethan got all the bags out of the back of the taxi while I pushed a bleary-eyed Sparx onto the pavement and Erica handled the fare. I wouldn't normally have trusted Erica to not flirt with the guy even a little but he was a bit old for her (like sixty) and she barely spoke any French while his English was obviously limited so I wasn't too concerned. The four of us trouped through the door of our accommodation. We entered a small foyer with a desk. I was handling the talking here, the receptionist was definitely too cute for Erica to resist. The problem was that I wasn't exactly fluent in French either.

"Um, Bonjour?"

In the end the four of us stumbled our way through explaining we'd booked a week's stay (la semaine of course!) and he showed us upstairs to our first floor rooms. It was very cosy. We had two rooms, a bedroom for girls and a bedroom for boys with one bathroom to share. Bathroom to share... Well, we'd just ban the boys from using it if they weren't sanitary.

"We call the room with the single beds!" Erica and I flew through our door and pounced on a bed each. They were springy and bouncy and comfortable. It was a joy to lie on a clean bed after all that travelling.
"Wait, what do you mean the room with the single beds?" Ethan poked his head in though our door.
"You're kidding!" Sparx's voice came from the other room. His head quickly joined Ethan's in the door. "We are not sharing a double bed."
"Definitely not if you don't take a shower." Ethan looked aghast at the prospect.
"Hey, hey, that's hardly fair, besides it's not like I'm choosing this either-" Erica and I just burst out laughing.  We just couldn't stop, clutching our sides lying on our beds until we were almost weeping with laughter. Oh my- Ohhh my- Eventually we subsided enough to start to attempt conversation again.
"Come on Ethan he's not that bad, he doesn't always stink." Erica offered.
"Besides, we called this room so you're currently in our space," I added. "Come on, out! No boys in the girls' room."
"They're invading our privacy!" Erica gasped and mimed covering herself up.
"I think we need to get rid of them."
"I think I agree." We exchanged an evil glance and grabbed our pillows from the beds. The boys had time to look surprised before we threw them as hard as we could. Sparx ducked, Ethan didn't and my pillow clomped him flush in the face. The noise he made was somewhere between a parrot and a duck; "Wraaack!" They fled our room under a hail of bedding. Before long Erica and I were fighting each other, giggling and falling all over the place. After about five minutes we both collapsed back on our beds, big fat smiles plastered all over our faces. Oh, I liked Paris already. 

The End

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