Erica: Bigger fish to fry.

I couldn't help giggling just a bit when Ethan broke his fork. It wasn't to be mean or anything though...after the whole food whatsit that GS had pointed out. I had half a mind to call him Gay after his comment towards Ethan but at the end of the day it's better not to get involved (as my mother always says. After "give me a call when *whatever I happen to be doing because she always worries about me being safe etc*"). Also I don't want to be hit on the first day of our holidays. If not by a punch (because it is pretty safe to say GS wouldn't hurt a girl...not physically anyway. If you ask Holly Crawford about whatever happened with them last year he is capable of hurting girls emotionally...but that's a different story) then by the whiff of his clothes. Ohhhhhhh yeah I went there.

"Oh my gosh Erica look France!" Melanie practically fell across my lap leaning towards the tiny window. I have to say despite trying to calm her down, the enthusiasm was infectious. See, I told her I was excited! With a little help from many hours sleep and an airline pillow brought by a quite nice but definitely gay air steward. The tannoy came on over our heads and Melanie sat up straight. I thought she was going to start clapping or bobbing about in her seat when they announced we'd be at the airport in another half an hour.

...Yes I just realised I was bobbing about in my seat. Just because I've woken up.

As we wandered through the airport, me typing a quick text home as Ethan looked about (almost awkwardly. Admittedly I don't know him very well) I saw Melanie exchange a quick word with GS. And him hurrying off shiftily to the men's- or should I say, hommes'. I pulled her over to the side. "Did you say something to him? I don't think that was a sudden need to pee."

Melanie smirked. "I told him to put some deo on before he gassed out the airport." We burst out sniggering- le wavelength! Suddenly I bumped into a passer by and backed up quickly, mumbling an apology.

"Don't, worries." I looked up after hearing the not English voice. A tall mildly tanned guy in his early twenties grinned politely at me, using a hand to shove back his messy chocolat hair. Le yum.

"Erica I wouldn't start flirting with the guys in here." Melanie elbowed me out of fit guy daydream land (yes it's a place). "Odds are they'll all be leaving France."

I stuck my tongue out at her, which in this context means "Please, I have bigger fish to fry. Tanned European fish. With names like Renaldo and Pierre and Giorgio." Then remembered the rush of going on holiday and grinned, which in this context means "Eeeee!"


The End

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