Melanie: Don't Keep Me Waiting

"You're late. Three minutes and four seconds late." I grinned. Ethan was here. Pretty sure I had been here before him but I let it drop. You don't want to argue with Ethan. He's... a tad pernickety. 

"Give it a rest Ethan. I'm tired." Erica tossed her head and huffed in mock melodramatic fashion. I giggled and put my hands on her shoulders and shook her. It's always funny messing with tired Erica. She flops around like a zombie and is always too lethargic to fight back.

"Look how sleepy Erica is," I put on my baby voice and gave Ethan a berating look. "If it's under five minutes it's not really late. Isn't that right E-ri-ca?" Erica mumbled and grumbled in response. I left her alone for a bit. She was cute when she was tired and a bit annoyed. It was dangerous to make her actually angry though. I turned to Ethan.

"Are you sure about that shirt? You'll boil." He looked at himself, examining his clothing. Erica caught my eye with a look that had 'dirty thoughts' written all over it. It took me a moment to put 'shirt' and Erica's mind together and come up with something vaguely inappropriate. I giggled and glanced back at her again in time to see her smirking heartily. Oh Jeeez Erica, I do not think of every boy I run into like that. Certainly not Ethan. I mean he's a friend and everything but not 'shirts off' material. We grinned at each other mischievously to which Ethan looked utterly befuddled and didn't ask what our looks meant. Oh, we were having such a good time and we'd not even gone anywhere yet. Heck, not even all of us were here yet. Come to think of it, where was he?

We sat around waiting for a while, Erica sleeping, or at least her eyes were closed, Ethan sort of mooched around, checking his watch as if looking harder would make time pass at a greater rate. I was humming along to my ipod again and meticulously planning X, Y, and Z of our excursions. Despite what Mum kept saying, I really did know what I was doing. Or at least I thought so. However, I was starting to get a little worried. Why wasn't he here yet? Perhaps I should text him? I popped out an earphone and got out my mobile.

"Oh, you did hear me." Ethan looked up from checking his watch for the billionth time.
"Hm? Sorry to burst your bubble, I kinda wasn't listening to a word you said?" I poked my tongue out at him.
 "Oh, well I was just saying someone should text him."
"Well, great minds think alike, so you can be proud you're almost as great as me." I laughed and he rolled his eyes , suppressing a smile.

I tapped out my text message.

Hey, Just texting to see where u r.
Ethan has the exact length of ur
lateness on his watch :P
I specifically picked u lot to come
with me u know.
Ur part of my special chosen few.
Don't keep me waiting :P
C u soon.

Satisfied, I hit send. Hopefully he'd text me back. Failing that he'd walk through the door as if beckoned here by my wishes that instant. Now that'd be something. Smiling still, I put my earphones back in and clicked play. I was going to run out of smile if I kept this up.

The End

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