Erica: I hate you alarm clock.

 I strained to open an eye and glare at my clock, which was beeping incessantly. 4.00am. I hate you early mornings. The red light of the digital numbers was piercing right into my face. Stupid thing. I reached an arm out laboriously and flicked the switch so that the beeping stopped but I could still hear the birds tweeting, which at an hour like this was about as annoying as one of those...ermm...those things with the drilling...Stupid early morning lack of vocabulary. My point is, I'm not a morning person.

 This whole travelling thing wasn't even my idea. Melanie was all "Hey guys guess what I've thought of the best thing ever!" and I could hardly say "No I do not think travelling all around the world and probably having to stay in, I don't know, sweatshops or whatever" because of the whole best friends thing. I swear that girl takes liberties with me on that point. And everyone else seemed really enthusiastic and then here I am in an airport dragging my suitcase into the toilets to have a last minute tart-up.

 Peering blearily into the mirror I frowned at the tired blur of what I was guessing was my face. Thank the Lord that my fringe was covering most of it when I'd been dropped off just a minute. Also that no hot guys were out there. I mean, I wouldn't mind but...girl's gotta look awake, is all. Okay, okay, eyes. Liquid eyeliner at my levels of fatigue would be suicide. I scrunched up my nose rummaging in my handbag for lipgloss. Right, that'll do. Ready to take the world. But not stay out too late, and watch for people trying to spike my drinks, and looking after myself, and ringing when I land, just to make sure I was safe etc etc etc. Mothers. You can go on a round the world whirlwind and they'll still want to make sure you have hand sanitiser on your person outside.

 I managed a sleepy smile as I saw Melanie waving me over. She looked a lot more excited than me about this. "How much are you looking forward to this? How much fun are we going to have?"

 "...Erm. Loads?"

 "You sound enthused." I stuck my tongue out at her comment. What does she expect? I am tired. Ergo I am not jumping through the ceiling.

 "No I'm enthuuuused...It just won't become clear for another two hours or so."




The End

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