Erica: "Refreshed. Sexy. The usual."

I don’t know how much time passed between us getting to the station and me eventually catching up on my lost sleep but I was feeling goooood after my catnap. Refreshed. Sexy. Yknow, the usual. I opened my eyes and smiled around the carriage.

“Bonjour all…What? What’s the matter…?” I glanced between Mels and Ethan, both of whom were looking like there was something wrong. “Are you guys alright?”

“Oh we’re fine, ‘Ca. Just…erm. How do I put this?”  At this point I heard a snigger to my side and whipped around to scowl at GS.

“You’ve hidden something, haven’t you? Have you hidden my phone?”

There was an awkward silence…and then GS burst out laughing. Mels frowned and started digging in her bag for something, whilst Ethan tried a smile at me.

“Ethan…What is it? Has he been sending texts or something because that is soo juvenile.” I knew out of anyone, Ethan would give me the facts straight up. Instead he pointed quietly to Mels, who was now holding out a compact mirror. Naturally I took it, any chance to be vain, and with good reason too because I am a sexy-


GS was still laughing, but harder this time, his eyes scrunched up. Ethan started looking at his watch and fiddling with the alarm settings.


Mels, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, reached out a tentative hand to take her mirror back. I kept hold of it, still staring in disbelief.


He was properly guffawing now, and I couldn’t stop him.

I was too busy gawping at the biro monobrow drawn on my forehead.

The End

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