Chug, chug, chug...

People are still giving me looks as they go past.

It’s like, they come down the carriage looking for their seat and woah, that poor kid’s got a hell of a bruise! Better not look too closely... So they go sit down, then when they go to the loo or to get some fresh air or whatever it is they do on trains, they think they can cop another look. Yes, my face is still as purple and red as it was when you last looked. And no, staring at it is not going to tell you why.

I’m on the line between feeling attractive and just plain unsettled; maybe sitting in the aisle seat wasn’t such a good idea after all.




Fields, fields, small town, fields, cows, trees, sun, always sun...




I’ve settled for unsettled – haha, my mind is playing word games. Gaylord games. Haha.




Ooh, look, a bit of cloud.




If this train journey takes any longer, then I’ll - well there’s nothing I can specifically do to make it go faster but seriously, even travelling from one end of the country to the other shouldn’t take this long.




“Ethaan, how long now?”

“About ten minutes less than the last time you asked Sparx.”

“ about now?”

“About –“

“I was kidding! Take a break mate, your watch will still be there next time you check it, if you’re lucky...”

“Stop winding him up! You’re the one who won’t stop clockwatching but you’re getting him to do the donkey’s work for you!”

“Well come on, it’s not exactly donkey’s work is it Mels? Just lifting your arm right up to your face – don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find your glasses somewhere Ethan – and then back down again...ow, what was that for?”

“SOME of us are trying to sleep Sparx, so cut it out!”

“Apologies Lady Erica, shall I sing you to sleep?”


Well, now at least everyone else around the table was sufficiently wound up enough to cause some entertainment to last another half hour or so. This is what happens when you leave your iPhone in your home country; I’m sure it’s exactly how the greats used to entertain themselves, whoever those greats were.

Except of course Erica was fuming underneath an eye mask in the aisle seat, Mels had shoved her earphones back in after coming to Ethan’s defence and Ethan was stressing about not being able to see much further than the table in front of him, having already consumed most of the girl’s painkillers to deter the headache he was convinced was lurking in the shadows.

Should I be more concerned about Ethan’s glasses? Possibly. I haven’t actually hidden them for a start, although the cockier I look about it the more I’m hoping that he’ll think that I know where they are and therefore not stress TOO much...which gives me until the end of the train journey to find them...

If this train journey isn’t long enough then I’ll – I’ll be in trouble.


The End

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