Melanie: What Happened After Sexy Dancing

Stupid, stupid Sparx! You won't dance with me anymore, but you'll chat up that French girl! You won't look at me but you'll fricken oggle that French girl! You won't talk to me but you'll speak stupid French to that stupid French girl! And she wasn't even the same girl! You French manwhore! You stupid tartface French manwhore! Don't look at me then! I want to sit in the corner and cry with my whiskey. I am sitting in the corner crying with my whiskey. Wait, where's my whiskey? SOMEONE DRANK MY WHISKEY! I can't even cry with whiskey anymore! I'll just cry. Then I'll feel better. Once the music stops being so loud. Because the night belongs to lovers. Cascada has stupid lyrics! This is a stupid club! I want more whiskey! Crying hurts. Tears are hot. And they're not supposed to be that colour. Or is that my makeup? Argh my makeup is running! Waterproof makeup is a lie! I should cover my eyes. Then people won't see me crying. It's darker when I do that. Cover my eyes and cry...

* * *


Go away Ethan

"Melanie are you ok? Erica! Erica, something's happened to Melanie! Erica, help!"

I don't need help. Go away.

"I'm going to find Erica, you stay here."

I'm not going anywhere 'til whoever drank my whiskey puts it back in its bottle!

"Mels? Mels Mels what are you doing down there?"

Oh 'Ca Sparx is so GAY.

"Mels, Mels, your makeup is messed up. Hah! I rhymed it! Makeup! Messed up!"

Such a GAYLORD! It's sad because he actually is.

"Erica you should take her to get cleaned up."

"Good idea Ethan! Why didn't I think of that? Come on Melanie!"

* * *

I'm cleaner now. Erica is soberer. But not much sobererer. She says Sparx is a gaylord. And and he's actually a gaylord but not in a gay way. And that rhymes too. Gay way. Haha. It's not very funny. I don't have any makeup on now, but I'm not crying anymore. Erica said she's going to find Sparx and tell him he's gay. I should go with her. It smells of sick in the girl's toilets and there's someone being really noisy in the end cubicle. Might be two people actually. Must be really cramped in there. I'm opening the door. Opening the door. I said OPENING THE DOOR! I forgot to turn the handle. I'm opening the door. And -ouch! There's a man in the way.

"Oh, hello love, are you lost?"

He speaks English with an England accent. He must be from England. At least he's not stupid and French.

"Why don't you come over here? I'll help you find your way."

He's smiling at me. What a friendly person, offering to help a stranger like that. He's taking me into the other toilets. I'm not supposed to be in here, these are the boy's toilets! Silly man! These toilets smell less of sick and more of other things. Ew. I'm not allowed in here, I'm going. Opening the door. Ouch, let go of my arm. You're hurting my arm, English man. I don't like you anymore. Let go! That hurts! Ow! He's pushed me up against the wall. His breath is hot and horrible. His face is too close, TOO CLOSE! He has such a greasy smile. I can see food in between his teeth. Get off me! You're fat and ugly and I can't. Push. You. Off! Get your hand off my leg! I'll slap you! SLAP! I slapped you! Ow! That hurts! Let go of my arm! THAT HURTS!

"You can get off Melanie!"

Sparx? sparx? SPARX? Sparx? sParX? Sparky? Spa-arx? Flying Sparks! It's Sparx!


"Get off Melanie!"

"Get lost kid."

"Let her go!"

"I told you to piss off!"

Oh my God, they're fighting! He's fighting! Sparx is fighting the ugly English man! HE PUNCHED SPARX! PUNCH HIM BACK! PUNCH HIM BACK! PUNCH THAT BASTARD BACK! Oh don't get hurt, please don't get hurt. Oh stop, stop, please stop, please just STOP!

* * *

"Come on Melanie, let's go."

There's a bruise on your face Sparky.

"Ethan and Erica are already in the taxi. Ow, Melanie."

I'm pulling my hand back. It looks painful Sparky.

"Don't worry about this, you should see the other guy."

I'm sorry you got hurt Sparky.

"Actually I was really scared. Scared he'd hurt you and then scared he'd hurt me. But it's ok now."

I was scared too Sparky.

"Here we are, come on."

"Thankyou Sparky."

I'm hugging you

"You're welcome Melanie."

The End

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