Sparx: I never thought I’d think as practically as Ethan, but I could do with a torch in here.


There she is, right th– no, there. Stop moving into the shadows! No, wait, that’s just another brunette in a sparkly black dress. Damnit there are so many hot girls in here. But I want that one... Thank god no one knows how spoilt I sound in my head.

She’s got to be around here somewhere! The girl of my dreams that is.

Okay, slight overstatement, the girl who I definitely caught checking me out before Erica effectively trapped me on the dance floor with, well, I’m not really sure what she was doing. I know when Erica is trying to be attractive – a week in Paris and it’s not hard to spot her strut – and either she hit the bar instantly and non-stop from when we got in or there was some ulterior motive to her mental dancing that I am currently too tipsy to notice. Not that I’m that tipsy, I can hold my drink better than the girls that’s for sure. Which is what I’m banking on...

No, seriously, at this rate I’ll have to wait until the whole club is drunk until a girl looks my way again. What happened to the heaving rooms filled with eager French girls all desperate for a bit of English, er, culture? And what has happened to that girl? I never even knew her name... Yeah, that’s cause you didn’t even speak to her Sparx you prat.


“I’m gonna guess...Erica?” I could tell it was Erica from the violent jerk that accompanied the arms clasped around my neck from behind as she stumbled to the right; luckily I still had the reflexes to spin round and steady the two of us, a tricky feat amongst the throng on the dance floor now. It must be, what, eleven? I still wasn’t feeling it though; what an anticlimax. It looked like the flashing lights weren’t affecting me nearly as much as they were affecting...

”Woah, Mels?”

“It’s YOU! I KNEW it was YOU but, but then it WAS YOU!”

“Yeah, yeah it’s me, how’s it going?”


“HOW’S IT- “


Yeah, that’s the bit I’ve been avoiding all night. Lounging is cool, drinking is cool, pulling is cool... dancing is generally best left to girls. They look much sexier after all. Although it didn’t look like I was going to be doing any of the others soon so – so – so should I stop Mels getting that close?

Or was that just because her sense of balance was totally gone?

Who gives a feck, let’s dance.

The End

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