Erica: and that's when the booze kicked in.

I have to say, I was in my element. Like, really really enjoying the gap year at last. I knew that we hadn't actually started working, and I was going to hate this trip in another week or two, but for now I was having a fun night out with my best friend and that is what teenage girls are meant to do. I still couldn't help feeling a bit bad about Ethan- I mean, it wasn't his fault he was so panicky about the time. And if he was going to be in such a bad mood all evening we'd never hear the last of it for the rest of the trip. I smirked as I supped my-well, I'm not sure what exactly the drink is called, but it's blue and I like it. Le Bacardi Breezer, peut-etre.

"Hey, Mels," I called over the music. Melanie stopped bopping about for a second and leaned over. "Erica you're thinking of something, I don't like when you get that look..."

"Relaax, I'm not going to do anything embarassing..." She kept up her narrowedy eyes look and I laughed, drinking the rest of the bottle. "Or anything illegal! I'm going to scare GS and cheer up Ethan in one." I slid off my stool and confidently walked to where GS was eyeing a tarty French brunette. I didn't like her.

"You know she won't be half as interested when she finds out your name is Gaylord." I whispered, which was more than enough to capture his attention.

"Would you mind not saying that? There are les filles magnifiques here, if you don't mind!" I smirked at him. Ahh, soo easy to wind him up. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing." I tried an innocent smile but I guess the fact that I'd been drinking for a start made it a bit less innocent. "C'mon Monsieur-laissez nous danser!"

"I won't even try to start correcting you." He let me drag him by the wrist over to the dancefloor, and I frowned to see some guys les fits looking disgruntled. I couldn't use the "c'est mon frere" line again, could I? Instead, longing to make them see I wasn't trying to ensnare GS (ew. Just-ew.) I started doing my alternative to attractive dancing- this being unattractive dancing. Zut alors.

"The booze has kicked in then?" GS laughed, as I twirled around him, my arms flailing in the air. I really wanted to yell "ENCORE UNE FOIS!" but that didn't exactly fit with Enrique Inglesias. More's the pity.

"Nooo!" I protested, grabbing his hands again and making them move up and down jerkily. "I just wanted a daaance..." I dropped his hands again, moving one of mine behind my back. "Okay, I'm done now. Byeee!" I ran off towards the bar, giggling mainiacally. I am soooo, cool.

"Hey Ethan! E Dog! Eth-Eth-Eth- can I have another Bacardi, please?" I leaned over the bar and Ethan looked sullenly across at me. Still annoyed, I see. There was a drunken blonde making eyes at him, and I had to do a double take. Really? I mean, Ethan wasn't a carcrash, and I'm sure he'd look rather borderline fit with a haircut and a nice outfit, but with that grumpy face on him? No thanks! The blonde girl looked at me, sniffed, and stumbled off toward the toilets. I turned back to Ethan, who seemed rather dazed and confused at this recent fleeting affair. Aww, his first girly encounter. When we get home, I'm really going to introduce him to some of my friends. "I got you a present!" I held up his watch triumphantly. "GS didn't even see me take it off his wrist back there. Now will you cheer up?"

Ethan smiled gratefully as he carefully put the watch back on. I counted silently in my head, waiting for his reaction. One, two..

"Erica what the hell have you done with it? It isn't working!" And there we are. The moment of truth.

I shrugged and smirked as his half-hearted fuming. "I have tweaked the controls a bit. Don't worry! It's going to be perfectly fine, I just re-wired a few things...You can have it back to normal in the morning." What, he expected me to have a younger techno-wizz nerd of a brother and not pick up a single bit of knowledge? More than just a pretty face, me. Well, I say pretty. I mean really really quite fit, even if I do say so myself...

"Yes I do say so myself. I do I do I do do do!"

"You do?" Oh did I say that out loud? Heeheeheee. "Erica?" Ethan looked at me weird. I think he looks weird. All blurry and fuzzy round the edges, like my guinea pigs. "Erica, are you okay?" I like guinea pigs. Squeak squeak squeak. Squawk. Oh, wait, that was seagulls. Get off my chips you pesky thing!

And that's when the booze kicked in.

The End

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