A Party All Night Sleep All Day Gap Year Rhapsody (Working Title)

A four-writer-exercise. We've already got four and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. So sorry to anyone else who may have an interest :(
The four of us take a year out after finishing school to do the whole gap year thing. Travel the world, meet people, possibly work a bit and generally flaunt responsibility :D

I'd already been awake for a couple of hours and it was still only five thirty in the morning. Yaaaaawn! I should probably have learned a lesson or two about last minute packing by now, Mum's sure as hell given me enough ear bashing about it over the last eighteen years of my life. And yeah, I'm sure she complained about it even when I was a baby.

I tossed a couple more outfits into my holdall. I'd actually planned all the clothes I'd pack the night before , I'd just not put them into the bag yet so I wasn't utterly disorganised. Besides, I was planning on buying a more than a few new outfits, at least one for each new city we visited. Cultural shopping was an integral part of our plans. Or at least my plans.

I sat back down on my bed, everything packed. The only clothes left out were the ones I was going to wear. I checked the clock. We were supposed to leave at six so I still had half an hour. I'd had a shower and my hair was mostly sorted, theoretically at least. Makeup could be done in the car (I'd had practice) and if there was anything else I needed to do I'd forgotten about it so it couldn't have been that important right? I caught myself in my underwear in the mirror as I stood up. Underwear. Shhhi- Didn't pack underwear. Melanie, you idiot. Okay, no need to panic, unzip the bag, open bottom drawer, aaand CRAM! Bra, pants, bra, pants, those don't match, oh don't tell me that you don't fit, UURGH!

After fifteen minutes of unpacking, repacking, unpacking, repacking, shoving, pushing, folding, and crushing clothes back into my bag I fell back down on my bed, still in my underwear, hot, bothered, with my hair considerably worse for wear. Great. Absolutely fantabulous.

"Melanie! Hurry up! Are you all packed yet?"
"Yes Mum! Be down in a minute!"

Okay, no need to panic. Again. Get dressed and get going. Simple. Everything else... yeah, that'll all sort itself somehow. Yellow strappy top, pale skinnies, cardi over the top. Mirror check. Okay that's passable. I sighed at what remained of my painstaking attempts to curl my hair. Well, no more elegant wavy dark blonde about my shoulders. Whatever. Ponytail will do. I rubbed my blue-grey eyes tiredly. Clock read 06:00. I checked myself over once more, grabbed my bags and scampered downstairs.

"Melanie, for God's sake, I have a good mind to make you take a bus."
"Sorry, Mum, had a minor crisis but it's all sorted now."
"Yes, well if you'd packed before and actually gotten yourself organised-"
"I know Mum, I know."
"Don't take that tone with me. You promised you'd be safe and get things sorted for yourself. That was one of the conditions on which I'm letting you go so you'd better start behaving like a responsible adult. I can't let you go travelling if you can't manage to-"
"OKAY. I got it. I'm sorry. I'll get sorted Mum. Honestly. I'll be fine. Just trust me."

My mother sighed and smiled slightly into the distance while I laced up my pumps.

"Get in the car then."

I beamed and practically skipped outside. The summer sun was still rising, the sky dyed powder blue and laced with the faintest pink clouds and vapour trails. A cool breeze rustled through the trees around the road as I shut the car door. Mum fired up the tired people carrier and I relaxed into my seat.
"Thanks Mum."
"Just be safe. And remember to call me. My grown up daughter." She smiled at me and I smiled back.

I was so excited. Mum headed the car for the airport as I stuck my ipod in and wondered if my friends' mornings had been as hectic as mine. I grinned. This was going to be a good year.

The End

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