A One Way Ticket?

Jack was hypnotyzed by them; so persuasive and so real. The show was over but he was still sitting there gazing at the tage and scenery that were breathing and alive the last ninety minutes. His wife urged him to stand up and get going. He stood up mechanically and she fastened his loosened tie standing on the tip of her toes. They were out of theatre on their way to their traditional "after show" cup of coffee. She drove the car talking analyzing the plot and characters. "Did you like it?" She asked. "Emm.. Yeah." He said, troubled with his thoughts. They finally got to the Caf'e and sat on the balcony. "Hey, are you ok? You seem too quiet tonight." She said. And he was. They drove back home silently and he was greatful for her thoughtfulness. "It's just that kind of day..." He said and thoght of his old dream of becoming an actor.

The next day Jack woke up hesitating whether to wear his suit as usual. "An accountant must be wearing a suit." His father's voice echoed. So he did. He reminded himself he was holding such an honorable job - a suit was definitely appropriate. He sipped his morning coffee quickly, kissed his three lovely daughters and charming wife, and was on his way to work. While he was driving he felt this emptiness again - the same way he felt last night. He strayed from the highway to the dusty road into the open fields, stopped the car and leaned his head over the steering wheel. He felt hollow - a forty year old man in a suit and tie without his soul. He was longing to be himself, to be the actor he was born to be. He was frustrated from the idea that he wasted his entire life fulfilling other's expectations. He couldn't bear going back to the dull office, fading. He was born to act, to be spontaneous and creative but he was already on the ordinary path he paved in his own hands. He went out of the car and took off his jacket. While he was looking at the horizon he got a text message from his wife, asking: "Where are you, Jacky?"

The End

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