Convincing Mom

"Mom please,"  I begged.  I had just barely gotten home and had decided that the less time I waited the more courage I had so I just went for it.  As I had assumed she would she had immediatly turned me down.  "Come on mom, I don't ever get to do stuff like this."  Which of course I knew was a lie.  So many times I had gotten Mom to cave in with much smaller requests using this same tactic.

"I said no, Heather now please leave me alone."  But I was not to be so easily detered and continued to press her.  We were still agueing when my dad came home and asked what was going on.  I quickly jumped in to present my case before my mother got the chance.  "I really want to go to a Halloween party at Carly's house this weekend but Mom's to afraid I'll get into some kind of trouble.  Oh please Daddy can I go."  I said doing my best immpression of puppy dog eyes.

"I'll talk to your mother about it."  I nodded solomly but was jumping for joy inside.  I knew that when my father said he was going to talk to Mom it meant he agreed with me he just knew better than to get in a fight with her in front of me.  As far as I was concerned I'd already won.

The End

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