A Night to Remember.

Heather Markee has had everything life has to offer but when she's kidnapped on the way to a halloween party she learns that things don't always go your way. Will she ever escape? Will her captors get the what they want? And why do they want her anyway?

"Tell me you're coming to the halloween party, Heather."

"I don't know yet Carly.  I want to but you know how my mom is about this kind of stuff."

Carly sighed and rolled her eyes "Yeah I know.  I don't understand her."

"Neither do I.  She's too afraid that I'm going to get arrested or pregnant or die in an accident or something."

Carly smiled "Are those things so far from the truth?"

I smiled back.  "Not really!"

"Well you're coming one way or another alright?"

"What ever you say, Carly, what ever you say."  I smiled knowing that whether my mom said yes or not my bestfriend would find a way to get me there. 

The End

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