Sebastian: Warning

I watched with a look of absolute confusion across my face as the centaur began telling us about crystal balls. All I could see was smoke until...

"Ah!" I screamed causing shocked faces to stare my way. The four-legged teacher trotted over as I studied the ball more clearly. A scene was playing before my eyes.

"What is it?" he sighed with an angry neigh that hinted concern "What do you see?"

"I see...dementors!" I gasped causing a girl to shreik "Dementors attacking the school and Brook, I see Brook trying to..."

My crystal ball crashed onto the floor shattering into thousands of pieces. I watched helplessly as the magic wisped away in the breeze

"Trying to what?" people shouted hysterically fearing an attack

"I dunno...hiding something from the dementors. They were trying to get at something and she wouldn't let them"

"Who is Brook?" the teacher asked

"A girl in Gryffindor, our year" I replied my eyes filling with grief, woe and fear.

I checked my timetable. Charms next...with the Gryffindors! From then I just waited barely doing the work and praying that my vision failed to come true 

The End

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