Janie - Classes

I had watched the girl run from the great hall, worried about her. She was a third year, and not of my house so I didn't know her, but I did feel concerned. No one should have to go through what she was going through now, especially with the whole school knowing it. 

I wondered if anyone would go after her,  perhaps someone from her own house. Sure enough, the older Gryffindor girls soon looked at each other and took off in the direction she had gone. 

Hoping they would find her, I turned back to my schedule and groaned. History of Magics was first up, and then Potions. Finishing my piece of toast, I headed off to class. 

I had sat next to some of the other Ravenclaw girls, and somehow Aria had ended up in the seat right in front of me. Ian, her twin was seated almost behind her, placing her next to me. And Tobias, who would normally keep me awake during History of Magic, was over next to Hollow as I expected he would be. It seemed I'd have to find someone else to keep me awake. 

As Professor Binns droned on, his attention more on his words than on his students I could feel my eyes drooping. It wasn't fair to have this class first thing in the morning, all I wanted to do was sleep. 

Suddenly someone poked me. "Eyes open" Ian whispered beside me. I thanked him and tried once more to concentrate on the task.

The class seemed to pass this way, with Ian poking or prodding me everytime it seemed I'd fall asleep. Finally it was over, leaving Potions before lunch. I grimaced slightly at the thought of finding a partner as I headed towards the room, and was relieved when Ian sat beside me. "Let's hope you can stay awake during this class because potions is not my strong suit. But rumor is you're not bad so hopefully you'll be able to scrape me a passing grade" he said with a grin.

"Or you'll cause me a failing one," I teased. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Aria glancing over at our table, a frown on her face before she turned back to Hollow

The End

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