Hollow: Lessons

It was strange not sitting next to Aria in lessons.  I managed to pay a bit more attention without her constant chattering for one thing.  But there wasn't that much difference.  Whether it was because of Tobias' hand touching mine under the table or the scene in the Great Hall which I still couldn't shake from my mind I wasn't sure.  History of Magic was as dull as I'd remembered, which didn't help my concentration either.

About five minutes in a note flew onto my desk from my right, landing perfectly centre.  I checked to see if Professor Binns had seen the flying paper, but as usual, he continued droning on, not noticing his students were falling asleep at their desks.  I unfolded the note and read its contents:

So now you have a new partner to sit next to, I was wondering if we would see you for lunch today?

A x

I began scribbling on the back of the paper, my quill moving fast:

Don't be like that A, I still have Divination and Potions with you.  You will still be partner?  I didn't think you were mad at me.

H x

I looked up from my desk to make sure Professor Binns was looking the other way, then sent my note flying back in Aria's direction.  I saw her pick it up and unfold it under her desk, a smirk spreading across her face for a reason I couldn't fathom.  She pulled out a fresh piece of parchment and wrote another note.

I was only teasing!  Of course I'm not mad at you.  You're just so easy to wind up.  Partners for Potions?

I scribbled a reply saying of course I was going to be her partner and sent it back.  Aria turned around and smiled at me, tucking the note into her bag.

'What was that about?' Tobias whispered in my ear as I went back to pretending to be concentrating on what Professor Binns was saying.

'Just Aria being Aria.'  I saw the confused look on his face and elaborated.  'She's teasing me about you, says she's not going to see any of me anymore because I'll spend my life with you.'

'Oh,' he said flatly, 'right.'  There was an awkward silence as I suddenly realised what I'd said.

'Sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out like that.' I whispered as softly as I could as the Professor floated past our desk.  'Of course I want to be with you, but I've got to make time for Aria and Ian and Beth too.'

'I understand,' he replied, still not too convinced.  'I'm not the only person in your life.'

'We are OK then?  Aren't we?  You're not going to go all huffy on me?'

Tobias smiled.  It appeared slightly forced, but there was light in his eyes.  'Of course we're alright.'  He took my hand under the desk and squeezed it.

At long last the bell rang and the entire class ran from the room as fast as they could.  Potions was next, one of my stronger subjects, but it did mean leaving Tobias to go off on his own.

'I'll see you later?' he asked as we left History of Magic.

'Of course,' I replied.  'I'll find you at lunch.'  Tobias bent down and pressed his lips against mine.  It was a long lingering kiss, finally broken by a loud cough from Aria who was standing a little way behind me.  I pulled away, blushing slightly.  'Sorry, I should be going.'

'Don't apologize,' Tobias insisted.  'You have nothing you should be ashamed of.'

The End

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