Sebastian: Letters

I watched helplessly as Brook fled the hall and murmurs followed her everywhere. I so badly wanted to help but I felt useless and pathetic.

Just then I remembered the out-of-date birthday card. Athene watched curiously as I drew out parchment and Ink from my bag and began writing back to my uncle. Once completed I attached it to Athene and she set off back to the Channel Islands where he lived

"Damn. I'm gonna be late for Divination...whatever that is" I hurried off before realising it was a mighty walk to get upstairs.

Once there the teacher trotted out causing our jaws to drop.

"Hello" he said, "I am your teacher Professor Wriford please come in and take a seat in front of one of the crystal balls"

We all shuffled in whispering to one another

"Nobody mentioned he was a Centaur"

The End

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