Sebastian: First day

A girl screamed and I looked up instantly from my toast to see what the panic was. My dad had been at Hogwarts during the battle and unfortunately killed. Eversince my mum told me how he died I had been on constant lookout for death eaters. was just a first year. She was startled by the flock of owls bringing post.

I looked out for my brown tawny owl, recognisable from the rest due to her spectacle like markings around her eyes. I spotted her as she swooped down with a snowy owl. They both dropped packages in front of funny. Nobody I know has a snowy owl.

"Thankyou Aida" somebody said making me jump. My hand hit my orange juice but was caught by the owner of Aida the owl. I turned around and frowned into the face of Brook. All my anger melted away as I stuttered a 'hi' nervously. She smiled then began opening her package. I did the same.

My mum hates owl post so I only get letters from my Uncle Bernstein. As always it was a birthday card, sent a month too late. He was quite forgetful and went slightly demented after my father's death. I read it happily and pocketed the sickles before turning to Brook. Her face was much more woeful. She just stared horrified at her letter

"What does it say?" I ask scared for her wellbeing.

The End

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