Janie - The usual feast

I had sat next to Alexis and some other teammates during the feast, despite the fact that were mostly in their 7th or 6th years. It was easier for me to get along with them than some of my other Ravenclaws, though there were some in my year I was friendly with.

As the sorting of the first years began, Alexis indicated her head down the table. "Are your ears burning Janie? Because by the way Aria is glaring at you they're discussing you."

"And your relationship with your Tobias I bet," added another teammate.

I glanced down before nodding. "They probably are. But I know Hollow, and I'm fine with the idea of her and Tobias. And more importantly she knows me, and the fact that what Tobias and I have is strictly platonic. A guy like him just needs a friend, and that's where I come in."

"I never got it," ventured one of Alexis' friends. "If you're not into the gorgeous Tobias, like every other girl in your year, then who are you into?"

"There may be someone," I ventured

Alexis grinned. "Janie you sly dog. Who is he?"

"It doesn't matter because I doubt the feeling's mutual. And that's the end of that discussion," I stated.

"But Janie..." began Alexis, grinning.

"End of.." I said, standing. "Now I'm going to follow your constant advice and sit with my own year level," I added with a grin, letting them know that I was still okay.

Alexis grinned back. "Fine you go Miss Secretive. But just remember that you can't escape your captain at Quidditch practice. I'll find out the truth."

I grinned, before turning, and carrying my plate down the table, sliding into a free spot opposite Hollow and the others from my house in my year. I could literally feel the glare Aria gave me as I did so. She was one of those that still saw me as the cold, hard person I at first appeared to be.

"Hello Hollow, Aria," I began, greeting the others nearby as well. "How were your holidays?"

The End

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