Sebastian: Gone

Me and Brook walked into the entrance hall together with only a few slackers to ruin my perfect moment. Brook was the only girl I was not nervous around, she set me free from my self conscious prison.

I groaned to myself in horror as I realised we had to split. She to the Gryffindors and me to my fellow Badgers. The long table was filled with exciting conversations...but I was involved in none of them. Both Tobias and Brook were in Gryffindor so all I could do was watch to candles until McGonagall began her speech.

She rose from the long staff table in her usual manner causing hush and tranquility among the witches and wizards.

"Hello all" she croaked in her aging voice "and welcome to a new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. First of all I'd like to welcome our new teacher, Professor Nocture who is this years defence against the dark arts teacher. Please make his year very enjoyable"

"What do you mean year?" Nocture gasped in a bad attempt to sound innocent "I plan to stay here for a while"

"Old school joke" McGonagall replied, "now without further ado let the feast begin"

Whilst everyone wolfed down the monster meal I watched Nocture curiously something was very odd about him...but then again, our annual new staff alway are at first

The End

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