Janie Law - Back to Hogwarts

I had been excited to get my letter for Hogwarts. Each summer I was obligated to spend a week with my paternal grandparents, not returning home until that letter arrived. I listened during the week as they bemoaned my mother, and the besmirching of their blood and how they tried their best with my but I was and always would be a mere half-blood. I sometimes wondered why they even bothered on insisting I appeared each summer. 

So the Hogwarts letter was a much looked forward to event. It would arrive and I would pack to return home, to my warm mother and father. Then would come the excitement of another trip to Diagon Alley. And finally a day would dawn when all my new purchases would be packed away and my belongings somehow squeezed into our car as we headed to platform 3/4. It would be the day to return to my second home, Hogwarts. 

That day had been today. My mother and father had come with me to the platform, my mother getting glares all the while from my grandmother who insisted on coming to ensure my full blood and seemingly perfect Slytherin cousin, also in my year, and I made the train in order to receive a proper education. 

Macy and I would board the train together, smiling and waving to the family. That was always as long as our cordiality to each other would last. The second we were through the door Macy had pushed past me. 

'Move out of my way half-blood brat' she had sneered, her favourite pet name for me, as she no doubt had gone to find her Slytherin pals. I had sighed and attempted to find a compartment for myself.

There was a problem with coming from a family with a long wizarding history, being considered what I suppose would be good looking, and being generally talented. My half-blood status meant many of the others from high wizarding families, the pures so to speak, would not associate with me. It was petty but the way of life. And other females had found me intimidating, threatening or just plain cold and rude. Having been subjected to taunts most of my life from other young wizards and witches in those highest of high families I had become somewhat reserved when meeting new people. Unfortunately in my first few years any possible friends I might have had had decided this reservedness was just plain snobby and cold and decided to have nothing to do with me. It made finding a compartment on that first day hard, when opening a door I would find glares, claims the compartment was full and sometimes a whispered 'Does she really think she can sit here?'

I had managed to find a seat eventually. Some members of our Quidditch team were together in a carriage and I was welcome there. They had known me long enough to get past the belief that I was the cold person I first appeared to be. 

We weren't long into the trip, chatting about Quidditch and possible plans for this year when Tobias had joined us. 

"There you are," he said in relief, sitting relieved in the seat next to me. "I looked everywhere."

I grinned at Tobias. "Well you found me," I replied as he put an arm around my shoulders. "But I thought you'd be with your latest lady?"

Tobias and I were close, but there was no romantic involvement between us. During the stage when he had begun to really come into his looks during one of our earlier years, and become the bad boy of the school I had possibly been the one girl to not desire him. He wasn't my type at all. Somehow Tobias had picked up on this, and we had gone within the space of a few months from classmates to best friends. 

The rest of the trip had passed quickly, with chatting about our summer with our teammates, and whether we had a chance at the Quidditch cup this year. Before long we had donned our robes and arrived at Hogwarts. As we had walked towards the carriages, Tobias suddenly noticed Hollow, his current girl, up ahead and had darted off. Alexis, our team captain had grinned. "There goes your Tobias, as usual. Come on Janie, you can join our carriage."

I grinned at Alexis "You know he's not my Tobias. At the moment he's Hollow's Tobias," I replied.

I climbed in with my teammates and we began making our way back to Hogwarts

The End

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